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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Radio Fine Music Digital

Radio Fine Music Digital, Radio Fine Music Digital online radio, Radio Fine Music Digital internet radio fm... Add to your site. At my place there's this girl called Akemi. She studies design and works in a cabaret. She has lots of pills. Don't you want to meet her and have a chat? I swear, it's not the same using condoms. Can I have this? Why did l ever let this guy come in to my room? He's not that good looking anyway. Yes. On the th, yes. At the welfare office, right? Two weeks ago, at work. Please be quite! Unbelievable! Yes, Rameau musical office? I'll change the phone. Wait a second. Yes, OK. Thank you very much. They're still here! For real! It's a couple of cockroaches. What's going on here? It's disgusting. -There are roaches over there. Roaches? What the hell are you doing? Don't! They'll leave soon. You're hurting me. Don't kill them! Roaches have existed for millions years. We owe them some respect. Respect? I don't think that the Peking Man was afraid of roaches. What Peking Man? I saw them. -Who cares! It seems they're gone. And if they come back, will you start screaming again? Don't you think they're gross? I don't particularly like them. The roaches are having a nap. On my last day of work Hashimoto invited me to a concert. It's not worth it. It costs too much anyway. Next time, I want you to put your wallet right here. But I had enough for a snack. Let's walk? It will be about km. To your place. My place is even further away. HOTEL Hey Mari! A long time ago, Jean Cocteau Radio What? Cocteau, the poet! He used to party every night. When he went back home, they say that he left a light open until dawn. Actually, he had an inferiority complex. I wondered what he was reading all night long. I checked it, he was reading Rilke. So what? That's all. Mari. Can I kiss you? The reporter won't be here anyway. How would I know! Let me stay for the night if he's not here, ok? I'm certain he will not be there. He's a wanderer. The time of the student's league has passed. I don't think so. ls he in a sect? No, in a gang. He enjoys fighting. I can't recall the number of times I visited him at the emergency room. What's that guy? Then I ran away. Think carefully! Quitting your pharmacy studies! Aren't you overreacting? But it's because Radio because I love you. When did people start quitting their studies for love? Did I ever tell you to do so? What should I do then? The only thing left is suicide. Why is suicide always your solution? Mariko. When we argue, it goes nowhere. Don't you think we have something better to do? Don't you feel ashamed? Excuse me. Where's the person hit by a bottle? Are you a family member? -Yes. Right there on the left. Thank you. See you. Are you alright? I'm fine. You told me you wouldn't fight anymore. I didn't start it this time. Who's that? She helps me to write for a magazine. Wearing a kimono? Did they sew you up? Five stitches. Does it hurt? Those five stitches, yes. Mari! Do you feel alright? Are you okay? -Where am I? At your place. Is that you Hashimoto? You took off your clothes by yourself. Me? Don't you remember? No. Seriously? The wanderer wasn't there so you let me stay. Then we drank. I remember I drank Radio Turn around, I'll dress. Did we drink Shochu? Yes. You drank several glasses. Then you embraced me. Afterwards, you started to howl for no reason. Then I decided to leave. You told me not to leave you alone and started crying. I didn't know what to do, so I lied on the bed next to you. I told you I wouldn't leave you alone while caressing your hair. Then suddenly you smiled. You begged me to stay. While you were asleep, I went back home. Look, I even brought some stuff. I borrowed Yen from you for the train. Hashimoto. Did you Radio Don't you remember anything? I don't do that with a drunk girl. I'd rather do it when the girl is awake. But Radio I usually don't behave like that. TOKIKO HAIR SALON Your hair is a bit too long, isn't it? Yes, I didn't take care of it. I'll equalize the tips. -Please do. "Mine is cm long. It's as big as a milk bottle. " That's bull. "Miss A: That's amazing! Miss B: It scares me. " "A : That could hurt. B : I never thought it could be that big. “ Stop reading those

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