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Friday, August 4, 2017

Triple M Modern Digital

Triple M Modern Digital, Triple M Modern Digital online radio, Triple M Modern Digital internet radio fm... Add to your site. dirty things so loudly. Why? I find it amusing. These dirty things were on the table. Don't you have any laundry to hang? I'm going. I'll stop annoying you. Work well. That hurts. -I'm sorry. You don't know how to brush properly. Make some effort! -Yes. Miss, where's Yumiko? This girl is so bad. Sorry about that, she's still new. Sorry for being late. Yumiko, please replace Mariko. -Yes. Mari What happened to you? My child got sick, and I took him to the doctor. Jesus! How is he? He just caught a cold. A cold? You should remarry someone. No way. I won't go any further with men. Doesn't it itch you, physically? h, please! Thank you very much! Welcome! I know them. Allright. Haruko, from the occidental history class. Hashimoto, from the business section. Hashimoto, nice to meet you. You too. May I take your order? A medium and a miso soup. The same. Two mediums and two miso soup! How's work? -Not so good. It suits you. You're getting better and better. I'll be the boss. Idiot. He's like that. It's on the house. Welcome. He looks shabby. But he's not. Here you are. Thank you. What a voice. Tomorrow Radio that works. -What? Akemi, the pill Radio Come to my place. You scared me. I'm sorry I'll give you an efficient tip to hang the laundry. An efficient tip? There aren't enough clothespins. If you use two of them for each towel, you won't have enough clothespins. Can I take that? First you hang the towel. You clip the left edge. And you pile the next one up. You hang it like this. You clip it. You pile the next one up. If you keep going on like this, you'll be able to hang all the towels with the same number of clothespins, plus one. This is basic arithmetics. Try it! For example. You hang three pairs of pants. Those on the edges are still wet, but the one in the middle is dry. How do you take out the one in the middle? How can l? -In this case, you have to take out one of those on the side, in order to take the dry one and you'll have to put the other one back. That's too much trouble. In that case, you put your hand into one of these holes. Take the one in the middle, and take it out through the hole. It's efficient. Are you from the pro-efficiency society? That's just a lonely game. Science, with fun. Well, goodbye. Mr. Takamizawa Radio Yes? Thank you for the course. Not at all. You obviously should keep away from such things. Guys always talk so selfishly. What did you say? Girls enjoy it as well! You enjoy it as well! What!? You give head like ! Sit down please. You don't care about them at all! I won't listen to this nonsense. OK. Excuse me. Come on, calm down. Piss off! OK, I got it. Sleep! So let's clean up and sleep too. I'm going home. What? You're leaving me alone with her? You're getting along so well. Come on! There's nothing between me and her. Please stay! Please, stay! Sorry, I'm going home. -Why? Stay! Suit yourself. What's wrong with her? Don't you think the boss looked weird? Yes, it seems she wasn't feeling fine. It seems that Mr.Takamizawa has a lover. She might have noticed. Seriously? -It looks like it.

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