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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Triple M Greatest Hits Digital

Triple M Greatest Hits Digital, Triple M Greatest Hits Digital online radio, Triple M Greatest Hits Digital internet radio fm... Add to your site. Wedding is an arranged adultery. Pardon me for saying such things. No, it's really informative. Finding a good partner is the only thing. Mariko, come and make the shampoo. -Yes. Exams are coming soon. -Yeah. After that I'll return to the countryside. To Kagoshima? -Yeah. Are you gonna work at the prefecture? I don't know yet, I've got connections. I hate state employees. Don't say that! Take this! What is it? It's a duplicate key. Keep it. I'd like to have yours as well. I never got Tsuneo's duplicate key. Tsuneo. What's wrong? Hello. I told you not to come here. But you never contacted me. Ok, come in. Are you writing? Yeah, for a third zone magazine. It's my first time working as an anchor. The kid who collected the data did it badly. I have to put it in order. What's that face? Come in. I had a quarrel with my mother. About me? She says one can't trust a reporter. She isn't wrong. Since I quit my pharmacy studies.. She's wondering what will I do in the Arts Faculty. She's right. I wanted to ask you that too. Next time it's certain. She won't send me money anymore. You went to cry at your father's place. And then came here? Of course not. What's wrong? You don't feel alright? Stupid mother! Couldn't she tell me she was feeling lonely? Alright. Stop talking, you'll choke. Serves you right! Mind your own business, wanker! Who's there? I sell flowers for handicapped people. Will you buy one from me? Again? You already came here. -Yes. But look how beautiful they are! They're artificial so they don't wither. Yen for the bouquet. It's not expensive! We don't need that, do we? Wait a second. Where are you from? I collect funds for disabled people. What do you do with the money? For the institution Radio Which one? This and that Radio There's a disabled person in my family. So I wanted to know which institution you came from. Wait! ls that true? What? About the handicapped person in your family? Yes, my little brother is in an institution. Really? Thank you. It might not be so warm. Good, good. She stabbed him, the boss stabbed him! All that blood! I was frightened. But Radio Why? I don't know. She suddenly went crazy. I told her to stop, but Radio Take the legs! Put him down. Let's go! Did you see what happened? Uh, no Radio -I saw it all. I would like to hear your testimony. -My testimony? Were you working? No, there weren't any customers. I was reading. You were alone with the Takamizawas? -Yes. Have you got any idea about the cause? -No, I don't. I think they were arguing sometimes. Your name? My name is Yumiko Hirano. Welcome. -Hello. It's weird to see you here. Are you drawing? Yes, but I'm really bad. These are only some apples and mandarins. -You shouldn't have. I wasn't sure if I could visit you. Are you alright? You lost your job. Is madam Tokiko still at the police station? We will by not making it a criminal case Radio but I was shocked. Really? But Radio But what? Nothing. Oh that Radio She thought she had no other choice. Does your wound still hurt? Yes, It hurts. The blades used by women contain a peculiar poison. Poison?

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