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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Triple M Classic Rock Digital

Triple M Classic Rock Digital, Triple M Classic Rock Digital online radio, Triple M Classic Rock Digital internet radio fm... Add to your site. A violent poison. You also have some. Men do not? No, men do not have any. That suits yourself pretty well. That's true. Who's there? I'm coming out. Who's that? Tsuneo. The Tsuneo? Where's my wallet? -Why do you want it? I need it, that's all. Here it is. Are you leaving? Yes. Mari! Who was in your room? No one. Let's go. Sure there's someone. -Let's go. I often went to your place. You didn't call me once in six months. I was in the countryside. In Akita? I did a lot of things. I'm at a standstill. A soon as I came back I had to start it all over again. Then a firm from the countryside employed me. It's a good opportunity to see my village again. ls it? You came back to tell me that? Not only that. I'm not the type that waits for a man. What does that mean? Are you leaving directly? No I have to collect some info around here. I looked around too much and got myself into trouble Radio Give me Yen! No. And you? You must have Yen at least, to drink all that beer. Give me Yen! Let's go. Why are you calling a taxi? Let's go. I'll walk. Where are you going? Isn't it obvious? Go back to your place. -Why? Please, go back to your place. -Why? Go back to your place. -Why? I'm begging you. -Why? I asked you why! -Because there's a guy at my place. k, I'll go home. I don't want to go. But he's waiting for you, isn't he? I want to stay with you. So you're the wanderer? No news for six months and suddenly you appear. How cool for an old civil rights defender! Why do you wear sunglasses? Can't you look at people in the eyes? Is it that hard to bare? Say something! It's gonna get cold. Hashimoto, don't! Hashimoto, no! Stop it! Don't you know what time it is? Mariko! What's up? How are you doing? You're so hip! We broke up and I feel relieved. What about you, coming back to classes for the tests? Not at all. I was looking for a job. A job? Will you quit school? No. Don't you want to tell me everything while having a cup of tea? I have to go to work. Sorry. Too bad. Work good then. Bye-bye Bye-bye. I want to meet you. M. How much is it? It's not written. Wait a second please. Excuse me, how much is this? Yen. It's Yen. Thank you. You're never here when I come. Call me soon. Hashimoto, yours is the blue one. How can you forget such a thing? It doesn't matter, does it? Yes it does. It's disgusting. I won't use that brush anymore. We kiss after eating, don't we? It's not the same! Don't you understand that? You're gross! Stop it. Don't you see I'm washing the dishes? You're unbelievable! I swallowed. Calm down. Turn on the hot water and leave it to me. No, I'm gonna throw this away. Come on, how many have you already thrown away like this? Please, don't get mad. Stop it! Tomorrow I'll finish my exams. Afterwards I'm going back to the countryside. And there's that work thing as well. Do you have a lot of luggage? No. See, you've got a lot of luggage. This one too, please. -Put this one here. You have hidden skills. Your doing it so well. It looks like a norimaki. Did anyone ever tell you to place things carefully? Sure, if I don't put it carefully it hurts.

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