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Thursday, August 10, 2017

National Indigenous Radio Network

National Indigenous Radio Network, National Indigenous Radio Network online radio, National Indigenous Radio Network internet radio fm... Add to your site. You only think about that! Give me this. Here! I'll come back as soon as possible. Take your time! Please don't meet that guy! Darling hold this for me, please. Thank you. Mariko. Are you back? Be careful. Telephone! Yes. Tsuneo? Where are you? Shinjuku? Yes. OK, south exit. See you. You went to my place many times. Let's sit here. What's this room? Have you got enough money? Don't worry. It's not dirty money isn't it? What? You've become a woman. Are you still with that boy? Hey Radio -What? Why? It's not like it used to be. There's no reason for it to be the same. The negotiations in Akita went bad. I'm getting nervous. That's not like you. I'm still the same though. You know, when I met you I thought I would stay with you all my life. After toying with me, you suddenly disappeared. And when I manage to meet you again You tell me that it's not like before. When I was a kid, I used to dream I was flying. All naked, I was flying in the sky. Recently, I dreamed I was flying again. I was flying with a hang glider. Now, I need a tool to fly. That's the reason I went to Akita. Wait for me. I'm building a glider, I'll come and pick you up. But I don't have any. MATERNITY KOUDA Pregnancy: a knowledge of ten months Miss Tsuyama. You're a student. As you saw it with the pregnancy test, with the urine, isn't it? I think you already understood it. There's % chance that you are pregnant. Then it's a pregnancy. Do you intend to keep it? It's a little bit complicated. Yes, as a student, of course. I would advise you to keep it. But if you can't, in case of artificial pregnancy interruption, we need your written consent. Write your name, Your partner's name, Your address, sign and put your seal. Then wait until the operation. Understood. Tsuneo. Tsuneo. Tsuneo. If he doesn't answer when you knock, that's because he's not here. I thought he might be sleeping. If he's not deaf, he would've answered. Was he here this morning? I've got absolutely no idea. Tell me Radio If you want anything, leave him a note at the door. We all do that. Why are you sitting down? Waiting here won't make him come. What's going on? A quarrel? No, she's sitting here. She's waiting for him. That's not true. It's no use. He rarely comes here. That's what I said before. Are you leaving? It's better. The more you run after men, the more they run away from you. You're at Fujimiso. Tsuneo. Where are you? Akita? Where are you? When will you be back? I'd like to meet you Radio I've been to your place. There was a weird guy with sun glasses. What are you telling me? I didn't say that. But I had no choice! It's urgent, I'm telling you. Anyway don't go back to my apartment, okay? If you go back there, you'll get involved as well. I want to see you right now. That's impossible right now. We'll meet the next time I come back. I have a favor to ask you. What? I need million Yen. Are you serious? Tell your family you're in a critical situation. You need an appendicitis operation. If you don't have the money, you know your father's address, don't you? He could probably Radio

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