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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Caama Radio

Caama Radio, Caama Radio online radio, Caama Radio internet radio fm... Add to your site. I can't ask him for that. Without it I'm screwed. You're always talking about yourself. What do you think I want to tell you? Tell me when I'm back. For now, do as l said. I'm counting on you. I'm hanging up. Take care. I wasn't expecting to receive a call from you. How does it feel going from official to pub owner? It's much better than the town hall. There's a lot of young people like you. It's like I'm becoming young again. Are you getting along well with your partner? I wouldn't say that. And with mom? She refuses to sign the divorce papers. I'm embarrassed. Don't you want children with the new one? No she doesn't want any. And I'm too old anyway. Have you got any problems? No, I just suddenly wanted to see you. Take this. No thanks. -Don't worry about it. OK. But I'll give it back to you. Come on, don't worry about it! That's not you. I'm an adult now. Welcome! What's going on? You look like you have nothing to do. Yes, after that incident I don't have a lot to do. Don't be so worried, smile a bit. Got it! What about him? I think he's at the rooftop. Men really think they can do anything. Pregnancy interruption request. Partner: Tsuyama Tsuneo. What a mess! I'm back. What happened? Aren't you feeling well? It seems I caught a cold. A cold? Let me see. It seems you don't have fever. Did you show that to a doctor? Yes. -And? He said I caught a cold. Look, I brought back some souvenirs. Isn't it great? It's a couple of dolls. Do you want some rice crackers? No. It fell down. I'll put it back later. It's really dirty in here. I'll do the laundry. Don't! Just put it there. Come on, I'm able to do the laundry. -Stop it, I feel ashamed. You're sick, so take it easy and sleep. As for the job, it looks good. I wrote it in the letter. Good for you. So many things happened. Do you like doing the laundry? Not really, but I can do it. The old man goes searching for wood in the mountain. The old lady does the laundry by the river. I like that. But the old lady lies down in bed with a cold. What do you want to eat for dinner? Should I cook a Kagoshima dish? What is that? The one I wanted to bring from Kagoshima. Didn't you read my letters? Excuse me. Miss Tsuyama. Do you have the document? Did you skip breakfast? -Yes. Please wait there. Please count slowly. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Excuse me, how much is this? Yen. I'll take it like this. Thank you. I don't want to see you anymore. Don't ask me for the reason. Give me back my duplicate key. My letters. Why did you call me so suddenly to ask for million? You didn't get it, right? How could I? I don't even know what you wanted it for. I'm being pursued. Did you read my article? That gang is not very nice. Yes it was interesting. If I can't get million Yen, I'll lose my pinkie. That's why I'm running away. Furthermore, you caused problems coming to my place, that's also why. Come on. It's my fault if you have trouble at work? I didn't say that. I had a lot of problems with my work. you only think about yourself. What was your emergency?

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