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Monday, August 14, 2017

ABC Alice Springs

ABC Alice Springs, ABC Alice Springs online radio, ABC Alice Springs internet radio fm... Add to your site. I'm asking you, answer me. I'm pregnant. ls it my child? Yes. That's impossible. Why is that? But you're with the other guy. And it never happened beforehand. You're not obliged to trust me. You only trust yourself anyway. Have an abortion! I'd like you to a have an abortion. I don't want children. I'll never have any. I don't want to leave my blood. Have an abortion! Please do it for me. I don't want to become a father. It's already done. I already did. Yeah? bastard! What do you think you're doing, bastard!? Let's have some tea. You don't want? Do you prefer alcohol? "In the world history textbook" "no letter feels lonely" "I go to the used book store" "I look at the sea for a while and go home" "I'll be alone tomorrow" "I'm not afraid of flying" "The only thing I fear is crashing down" "That's what those stupid people told me" "Bye-bye with the left hand" "Bye-bye with the right hand" "This is the time for saying goodbye" "Bye-bye Bye-bye" Shflng‘. “and Kaofl and Okuda Leo Morimoto Juxo Itami Original story by: Noriko Minabe Music: Michi Tanaka Produced by: Japan's Art Theater Guild I can go home any time I want to. It's the ones who say that who never do. Speak for yourself, you old geezer! Hey! What are you doing to Dostoevsky?! I won't take that, today of all days! Not even my father ever hit me! So, I'll do it for him! Grow up, will you?! Don't hurt yourselves. Show more respect, kid! I'm not a kid! With little tits like these? You filthy old pervert! That's harassment! ,,,,,,Will you two stop! Huh? It's been Radio abandoned. There, there, there. Note: Care for this child Oh, man! What a world! Oh, my! You're a little girl. I wonder what your name is. "John Doe." She's a girl, I said! He's so rude! How old was I when I started living like this? Thirty-something? I still thought that I was better off Radio than a child with no home. There, there, now! We'll take you somewhere warm. The cop shop's that way! This is a Christmas present from God! She's our baby! Huh? Note: A Tokyo Godfathers Committee Production Note: Developed by Masao MaruyamaOriginal Story by Satoshi Kon Note: Screenplay by Keiko Nobumoto and Satoshi Kon Note: Character Design Kenichi Konishi and Satoshi Kon Note: Animation Director Kenichi Konishi Note: Art Director Nobutaka IkeColor Design Satoshi Hashimoto Note: Co-Director Shogo FuruyaDirector of Photography Katsutoshi Sugai Note: Music by Keiichi SuzukiSound Director Masafumi Mima Sorry! What do you mean, take her with us? I'm just doing God's will. Her parents might come back. What parent would leave a child out in this cold?! That's a devil, not a parent! Kiyoko wanted us to find her. "Kiyoko"? "Kiyoko"? Why "Kiyoko"?! From "kiyo," "pure," on this purest of nights. How tacky! Kiyoko's a fine name! Did you have a girlfriend named that? Idiot! Look, we can't just name her! She's not a puppy or a kitten! So, I'm taking her home. To a cardboard box? There's no room! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance! Let me feel like a mother! A haiku: "A little baby powdery snow on its cheeks on this holy night.

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