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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


8CCC, 8CCC online radio, 8CCC internet radio fm... Add to your site. A little baby powdery snow on its cheeks on this holy night." {\fad(,)}"A little baby powdery snow on its cheeks on this holy night." Note: Directed by Satoshi Kon Peek-a-boo! Oh, dear! Tell me what's wrong! ,,,,,,Shut up! Hey! I know, I know, he's not your mommy. He's just a homeless homo. Don't say that in front of her! A baby crying around here will sound weird! We're going to take you to the police soon, okay? You're not going anywhere, are you? ,,,,,,Idiot! We're taking her to the police! Don't shout or she'll never shut up! Why won't you stop crying? Are you hungry? There, there! Maybe she's sick. Tomorrow Radio Tomorrow, I promise I'll take her then. Christmas should be the happiest day of the year. If we take her in now, it'll always be the worst day of her life! Maybe Radio she needs a diaper. Hana, boil some water. I'll make some milk. Hey! Whose side are you on?! Miyuki-chan, go buy some water! My angel isn't drinking from the tap! Why me? Where does a bum get offtelling me "Them that works eats"? Just for tonight, remember. Tomorrow, we take her to the police. So, "no man is an island" after all, huh? You're buying water?! A Christmas miracle. What a haul! Watch where you're going, brat! You watch where you're going! I was married once. With a child? No, don't tell me! I don't want to hear this! You never forget for one second. A child's the only thing you hold dearer than life itself. A boy? No. Bull! Come on! Give it back! You're the girl who hangs out with Gin-san. Get out of here, will you? We don't want him after us. Why not? You're the light of his life, that's why not! There's not much light in a cardboard box. Let me have this book. How old? Twenty-one, I think. Five or six years older than Miyuki, I guess. That old? If she was alive. When I was , I got a girl pregnant, and we got married. I was in heaven. You could have poked me inthe eye and I'd have just smiled at you. But my daughter got sick, and the medical bills were huge. I was something of a bicycle racer then. I needed money. There was this race Radio You threw it? A punk I knew had this scheme. They found out, I got kicked out of racing, and my girl died. I just didn't feel like working anymore. And then, my wife followed my daughter. Oh, no! That's how you get to be a man like me. I didn't want to hear that! I hate sad stories! It's freezing! You're used to this. Kind of. I'll give her the milk. Dreams do come true. I always dreamed of being the mother of a little girl. A nice, warm house, a pretty daughter. Even if my husband was no good Radio I would accept dire poverty as long as I had my child. Feed the poor kid! You're so pretty. The prettiest little girl in the world. What do you want?! They're gone. Santa Claus, maybe? "Uncle Bag" and the baby are gone. What's that faggot thinking about?! Man, he's got big feet! You can't have feet fixed. Are you taking her back? There's probably an APB out on her. And for you. I doubt it. An arrest warrant, maybe. Her parents are probably sorry about this now. So, let's take her to the police.

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