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Friday, August 18, 2017

EasyMix Radio

EasyMix Radio, EasyMix Radio online radio, EasyMix Radio internet radio fm... Add to your site. A baby's always better off with its real mother. Not necessarily. Sometimes a foster mother's better. What?! ,,,,,,Don't be stupid. I never knew my real mother. But I'll bet if she saw me now, she'd flip. How can someone homeless raise a child? I know, I know! I don't want her shunted from one foster home to another Radio without even one memory Radio of ever having been loved. You don't have to be a foundling to feel that. They must have had reasons. Nothing should make you abandon a child! That means you've taken love and tossed it away, like trash. Yeah, but what can we do about it? Find her mother. And ask why she abandoned her baby. If she can make me understand Radio I'll forgive her, and my mother too. Find her? How? We'll have to pay again. This is an expensive year-end! What if we find another baby? They don't toss them out in twos. Another key! Look at these panties. You'd catch cold in them! Are they the ones? Are these your folks? Look, business cards. A hostess club won't be open at this hour! We've got some walking to do. You've gotta be kidding! It's a miracle! But why pack like you're off on a trip and then abandon a baby? Maybe it was one last trip they were taking. A family suicide?! Then, what do we do? We can't search the next world! Lower your voice! We apologize for any inconvenience. Trains will be delayed due to heavy snowfall. It's so hot in here! What a stink! Have you bathed lately? No. Or washed my clothes. How embarrassing! Oh, dear! There, there. Did she piss herself? That's why it stinks! It's you that stinks! Quiet! Shut that kid up! Watch it! Hey! Miyuki-chan! What's she up to? We wasted our train fares! It was me who paid them. I'm sorry! There's no more milk. Go ahead, blame it all on me. Oh, cheer up! Let's sing a song. What's that? The Sound of Music, of course. Never heard of it. That's going to make you even hungrier. I'm starving! I told you! Look after my little angel. Well, then Radio Go on without me. Just say you'll never forget the queer you once knew. Look. A cemetery. I'm not dead yet! Now, I'm alive again! But there's nothing for a baby in these offerings to the dead! We'll get by! Yeah, sure! "We'll get by!" People keep on saying that till they end up living like us! And while we keep on saying it,the kid'll end up under a stone here. "Kiyoko"! She has a name! Yeah, whatever. And she's cute. She's so pretty. But listen to me, I'm serious. You listening? If you really care about that kid Radio you'll find her someone to take care of her. I speak from experience. That's what her parents said, I bet. What do you mean? I wouldn't abandon a kid. Don't be stupid! No. Your family abandoned you! There you go again! Am I going to sit and listen Radio while some dumb faggot pisses on me? What are we doing here? Tell me. Wracking our brains! We're scavenging offerings left in a cemetery. And why? Because we're homeless. Stop it! No! I'm not going to stop. We are three good-for-nothing bums Radio who can't even look after ourselves. Shut up! I'm thinking! I won't shut up. You can't get milk from an old queer's tits,no matter how hard you think.

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