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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Easy Radio - Easy Hits Sydney

Easy Radio - Easy Hits Sydney, Easy Radio - Easy Hits Sydney online radio, Easy Radio - Easy Hits Sydney internet radio fm... Add to your site. Come on, Hana-chan! You know we can't do this. Speak for yourself! This way the whole family will be dead. Oh, my! You're so lucky, Kiyoko! God must really love you! Then, why was she Radio dumped? Left! That's a dead end! It's right! Tails. Heads. What's this guy doing parking like that? Doesn't he know what a "public thoroughfare" is? How did that happen? Bad luck. The car got stuck, and I forgot the parking brake. Then, someone shouted, "Dorothy, wait!" Radio and then, I heard, "Whoops!" Radio and the damn car rolled on top of me. I don't bring my men with mewhen I'm visiting the old man's grave. I owe you. Call me if you're ever in trouble. Oh, no. We never have any trouble. Oh, you're from Kinshicho? We were just going there. I know it's rude to ask Radio If it's rude, then don't ask. Come on. Would you know this establishment? {fad(,)\an\c&HD&}Note: Midori Know it? Its owner's marrying my daughter today. He's one of my men, but he's too cocky. I was against it. But your daughter chose him. The daughter I brought up, married to a man like that Radio Know what I mean? But if your daughter's happy with him Radio Isn't that the main thing? You're right! I went to the old man's grave, so I wouldn't cry at the wedding. Watch the road! Good evening, sir! Make yourselves at home. Daddy, you're late! Sorry, sorry. I almost got killed. I owe them my life. My daughter, Kiyoko. Oh. Hello. What have you gotten us into?! Just shut up and eat! Diaper change. Your turn, Miyuki. Don't you think Kiyoko has amazing luck? Yeah. Maybe she does. Oh, yeah. Her name's Sachiko. Not "Midori"? Just at the club. She's Sachiko, "happy child," though she didn't look it. But some plastic surgery turned her into a good little earner. She quit. Said she was pregnant. Do you know where she is? I doubt you'll wring any money out of her. No, I have something to give her. I'm sorry I spilled your food. You remember her? Midori, the skinny broad. She said her husband was in debt. What's wrong with you? That bastard. Do you know him? Then, she borrowed more money from us Radio and ended up screwed both ways. You know where she is? If it weren't for his damn get-rich-quick scheme Radio I'd still be with my wife and kid! But aren't they both dead? I'll kill the bastard! You'll get killed! Mitsuo! Mitsuo! It was that maid! Are you okay?! She's got a gun! Hey, what?! Kiyoko! Miyuki-chan! Hey! Thank you very much. She's got a gun, you know! Our lives are already wasted! Hana! There! Yes! One of your cabs picked up a young woman with a baby. Number -. Send it to Radio the Tokyo Tower. My name is Radio Hey! Wait a minute. We're homeless bums, not action-movie heroes. What we need now is the police. If you like the police so much, get them to adopt you! Those children are like family! I thought I could depend on you! Don't talk like you were my damn wife. I'm not going anywhere. Gin-chan! We've done all we could. You're giving up? There's nothing we can do. You are really the lowest of the low! The best thing you'll ever do is die in the gutter! Oh, poor you!

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