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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Radio CW Remix

Radio CW Remix, Radio CW Remix online radio, Radio CW Remix internet radio fm... Add to your site. You'll be dead and no one'll care! All you ever do is cause people trouble! Dead or alive, you're living trash! The king of trash! Okay, so I'm trash. But you're ugly. Yes? I want to get rid of some trash. I don't think I'd fit. Yeah, that's what I am, living trash! Who cares if you die in the gutter? You're dead all the same. You okay? Hang in there, Gramps. May I make one last request? What? Give me a drink of that. You're not selling me into slavery! Somebody, help! I always wanted to die drunk, in a nice old house. Now, I'm halfway there. Fate works in strange ways. I've lived a long time Radio but I'm just trash, as worthless dead as alive. Don't talk like that! You remind me of myself when I was younger. Looking at you now Radio may I make a last request? Get rid of this for me. Some people will be hurt if it's known who I am. Okay. I understand. No one will ever know. Take care of yourself, okay? May I make a last Radio request? And now, goodbye. That's it! Thanks, Gramps! Time for the New Year's clean-up! Big breasts Radio Cool! Husband? Father Radio Police. Your dad's a cop?! My father was a policeman! Father, policeman? Except I'm the one he's going to be arresting. Hold it. Hi! How've you been? Now? Just cleaning up. Hey, wake up! Come on! No! Not that! Wake up, old man! {\an}– Kiyo-chan's coming? {\an}– It's time to die! I'm there! The girls are drinking near here. Yeah? We are just making our way. All cleaned up. All done. Wait! Give it back! Give me that back! Her foreigner husband looked like he was in a real bad mood. Did he hit her? No, she was being real nice for a girl so young. My wife could learn something! His foreign assailant fled,taking a young woman and a baby hostage. With the groom in serious condition,police speculate this may be a war Radio between crime syndicates. Hey, this is serious! I'm not kidding around, either! My mom's religious. Me. Isn't she cute? I found her. Those spots on her back look like wings. So, I called her "Angel." But she's gone. Father Radio I Radio stabbed my father. I can never go back. The baby? A gift from God. Yes. Give me a break! I've got a family at home! Those children are my family! They went in there. Hey! The fare! I'll be right back. Miyuki! Kiyoko! Miyuki! Kiyoko! Where are you? Kiyoko! Miyuki! How could you do this to me?! It's your own fault! You never listen to anything I say! Use the scarf I made you Radio to mop up the blood! What have you done with Angel?! Where is she? Where is my Angel? She's right here. Our angel. I'm hungry. Make me some food. Why? What are you doing in my house? Miyuki-chan, take Kiyoko. I'll get dinner. Kiyoko! Miyuki-chan! Lady Bag?! Oh, I've missed you, my little angel! I wish I was her mother, but I'm just another homo. Miyuki-chan Radio I'm so glad you're safe. Where's the geezer? He could be dead for all I care! I'm Radio I'm dying. Maybe he went home. Who cares? All he thinks about is himself. Yeah, Hana-san, but you're in love with him, aren't you? Don't be silly! I like my men to be more "manly." The kind of man I like is slender, middle-aged, tanned Radio with a divine square-back haircut and a lower-town accent Radio who says, "Ah, what the hell" Radio when I don't quite have the cab fare. So, what now, Hana-san? Why are you calling me that? "Uncle or lady Bag" is fine. It's hard to say. I'm glad. He just died there? He was homeless. I might be next. Just do your job. Gin-chan! Gin-chan! Gin-chan! Take it easy. Gin-chan! Calm down! Where is that man of mine?! Kiyo Radio If only tonight Radio I wanted to see you before I died. Kiyoko! What is your desire? My magic, or an ambulance? An ambulance. Well! Aren't you rude! What are we going to do? Kiyoko can't sleep out on the street! The geezer's not here, we're freezing, sleepy, hungry. This sucks! I guess there's no choice. I never thought I'd be here again. I'm sorry. We're closed for a private party tonight Radio Ha Radio Hana-chan?! I know I have no right to come strolling in now Radio but there's no one else I can call on, "Mother"! Hana-chan! Mother! Hana-chan! Geezer?! What happened, Gin-chan?!

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