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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Triple M Limestone Coast 963

Triple M Limestone Coast 963, Triple M Limestone Coast 963 online radio, Triple M Limestone Coast 963 internet radio fm... Some kids beat me up. I guess I'm just not an action hero. He said he knew you. But he said he was homeless, you know. So am I. What? No way! But why?! Since Ken died, I'm like a canary Radio that's forgotten its song. You sing all the time! Isn't she cute?! I wish I could have one! So, Ken-chan died, did he? AIDS? He slipped on the soap. Oh, my. Well, death is always a hair's breadth away. But if you were in trouble, why didn't you come back? We certainly had fun here, didn't we? In this old bar Radio I've had so much to drink Radio My old memories Radio All start to blur Radio My lover Radio Has left me Radio People call me notorious Radio ,,,,,,Aw, you're ugly! Good for nothing Radio Get off! Good for nothing Radio What a terrible thing to say Radio ,,,,,,Eat , you old fart! "" I'll take, but "fart" I won't! I couldn't come back after I'd done that. A little bit of money took care of that. I'm just happy you're all right. Stop it! You scare me when you start crying. What about that baby? Is the girl its mother? Well Radio Where is your mother, anyway? Abandoned?! Yes! I've been abandoned! Them's the breaks, I guess. I could see me in her. Born on the street, and back there again. That's why I want to find her a home full of love! All I ever wanted was love! Ow! What the hell?! The geezer's come out. Where are my clothes?! Way to go, Gin-chan! Come back any time. Thank you, Mother. My mother's white breath as she watches me set out on a long journey. My mother's white breath as she watches me set out on a long journey. My mother's white breath as she watches me set out on a long journey. Oh, man! An empty building's always nice, but look who got here first. I'd just love to fill up on some meat! Don't you dare! Just kidding! The snow's let up. Miyuki-chan Radio Will you go shopping? Okay. Get me some saké. Just one. No way! I wish. "Honey, I'm home." You stayed in there? You'd think you were homeless! Actually, we're looking for these people. Nishizawa Sachiko Radio Do you know her? She never paid me back for her Neighborhood Association dues. Are you a relative? No! We're acquaintances of a relative. Her husband was no better. Gambling day and night, and mean when he drank. Living on his wife's earnings and borrowed money. Where are they now? I wouldn't know. Kurumizawa-san might. They left about three months ago. The house was seized for debt. One night they just up and went. They were a nice couple at first Radio but it wasn't long before they started fighting. That's poverty for you. All that debt didn't stop him from lording it over her. Even the most dedicated wife has her limits. You'd see bruises sometimes. The poor woman. Not on her, on him! Oh, dear! But his mother would always take his side against her. His parents built them this house. Where do they live? Yamanouchi-san might know. Her mother-in-law was always complaining Radio that she never did any housework. But her son was perfect, of course. Of course! That's why I told her Radio she'd never see a grandchild with his wife working in a club.

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