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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Lime FM

Lime FM, Lime FM online radio, Lime FM internet radio fm... Add to your site. But she did get pregnant. Well, a man and a woman Radio They can always find time Radio to do what they must! Note: Shinkocho --, Maison Happiness Apt. What if they ran out from this new place too? What a horrible man! Poor Sachiko! Working to pay off her husband's gambling debts! Right! But I never thought of abandoning the kid! Huh? Nothing. That's no reason to just dump the kid! I've said that all along. {\an\c&HD&}Note: Miyuki, Angel has come home. Dad Doesn't it ever get tired of snowing? Thank you. I wonder how we look to them. Like a bum, a homo, a runaway and a foundling. Kiyoko is God's messenger. We're her servants. Unpaid servants. Paying for a father's sins. Yeah. If her father had been any good at all Radio we wouldn't be going through all this. Even a good-for-nothing father never forgets a child. I'm going out. What's the matter with her? A child never forgets its parents. I never stop wanting Radio to see my daughter, just once. So, she's alive? Yeah. And your wife? I'm sure she's remarried Radio and living happily. "Hello. It's me, Miyuki." Why did you split up? Drinking and gambling. What?! J-Just like Radio I'm a louse. But I've always wanted to do something for her as a father. Even just a little. When I was gambling, this would have been nothing. Now, I've had to sweat blood just to save , yen. That's great, Gin-chan! We can stuff ourselves! Like hell! Ishida speaking. Miyuki? Is that you? Are you all right? I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Excuse me, but if you wouldn't mind Radio "Get out," you mean? Other customers might like to sit down. There's hardly anyone here! You guys stink! What are you? Homeless or something? Does trash have kids too? Just like real people? Who are you looking at? Hold it, you! Sir! No! Hold it, I said, you low-life! It's New Year's Sale time at The Food Store! Come to The Food Store for all your special New Year's needs! See in the New Year with your family! Call an ambulance, quick. R-Right! I knew it! Kiyoko really is the messenger of God! Hey! Hana-san! Pull yourself together, Hana. Hana-san! ,,,,,,Hana! Following a recent gang and shooting incident Radio police are seeking a fugitive thought to be Latin American. Hiruta Mitsuo, shot three times Radio in protecting the leader of his syndicate Radio will be questioned after he recovers from his wounds. Isn't she cute? When was she born? Not long ago, I guess. So, the mother Radio I'm not. What's her name? Kiyoko. Oh, my. That's my name too. What a coincidence. Your friend is very weak. Make sure he gets rest and proper nutrition. Doctor! Believe it or not, we're homeless. I'm just a doctor. Rest and nutrition don't fit with our lifestyle, you realize. I can try to cure disease. Lifestyle is something you have to fix. All anyone can do is their best. Take care. The bill for today is , yen. Bring your health-insurance card and you'll get a refund. I'm sorry, Gin-chan! Stop crying! You'll get the bills all wet. That's , yen. Kiyoko?! Dad? So, you took up nursing. I see. I'm glad you're well. Oh, yeah. I'm just great. How's your mother? Fine. Yeah? That's good. What are you doing now? I'm in recycling. I had to drop something off here. You must hate me. I was never any kind of a father to you. But that , yen was money I'd saved up for you. You may not believe it. I always wanted to see you. When I was little, Mom and I searched for you. We even checked unidentified corpses. After you disappeared, Mom ran the store herself. The store? It was hard for a woman to run a bicycle shop alone. That's not quite the same as a bicycle racer. Did you know? The man you owed money to,was shot and wounded the other day, you know. He survived?! I see. That's a relief. I thought you'd say that. I ran up the debts, not him. Thank that doctor for me. He seems like a nice guy. I'm getting married. ,,,,,,What? Oh? That's good. To him. That's great! But isn't he about my age? He's been married. His daughter got sick and died Radio and his wife followed her. That man makes me so mad! Aren't you moved? Here's the address and phone number.

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