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Monday, August 28, 2017

hit96.1 Limestone Coast

hit96.1 Limestone Coast, hit96.1 Limestone Coast online radio, hit96.1 Limestone Coast internet radio fm... Add to your site. Yours? The old house is gone. Even if you can't now, call me sometime. Kiyoko! I've had about all I can stand! Hana-san? Telling us you were a racer! I was always at the track. Yeah, betting! And your debts snowballed, so you couldn't face your family Radio and you ran and hid in a cardboard box! Yes, damn it! That's what your father is! He can't bet, he's spineless, his feet stink and he can't drink! He kills off his wife and daughter to buy sympathy! He said you had an incurable disease! With a father like that, you have my sympathy! Is this how you repay me?! Repay you? Repay you?! Am I hearing right? If we're talking about debt, I'm waiting for my change! Debt's a concept you don't even understand! You understand how to troll through garbage cans! And how to get in debt and how to make babies. Though you're not too good at raising them, are you? And your debts you shove off on your wife. Always running away, never doing anything right! Running away's the only racing you ever did! Miyuki-chan! We're leaving! Hana-san? I guess he's better. Should you have said that in front of her? If she's his daughter, she'll forgive him. Being able to speak freely Radio is the lifeblood of love. Maybe I'm naive. So, you're in love with him? Don't be silly. I'm the Weeping Red Devil. What? It's a story I love. There was a red devil who wanted to be friends with people. But since he was a devil, no one would go near him. So, his friend, the blue devil, made a plan. He'd wreak havoc among the people Radio and the red devil would save them. Note: When you try to achieve something,someone's bound to get hurt. Note: You always have to sacrifice something. The plan worked. But the blue devil had to go away,so they'd never know it was a trick. It's a sad story. But that means you leave. Where will you go? It's best for everyone when they're with their family. Soon, we'll find Kiyoko's mother. And then, what? You don't have a real family! Note: Rare 'Line Of Ones' Wins Lottery Numbers have been drawn forthe annual New Year's Jumbo Lottery. Top prize in the -million-yen lottery is a very rare number. Group , number , Radio is worth million yen. A different group pays , yen. To repeat, the winning prize number is Radio This just came in. Police have released a sketch of an infant taken Radio from a hospital in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward. What are we going to do now? We've come all the way here, but we don't have her address! The geezer's got it! Let's go back. Where are you going? The police! What? You hated that idea! I was just ego-tripping. Now, I want to apologize to her parents. They might not be able to sleep, waiting for news about her. That's what we said from the very start! They might even be about to commit suicide! I've done something that can't be taken back! I'll throw myself in this river. I'll step neatly out of my shoes,stand on the handrail, and be at peace. But then, I'll see a baby's face on the water. No! While I see this child's face, I cannot die! Hey, you! No! Let go! ,,,,,,You're too young for this! Please! Let me die! You! Nishizawa Sachiko Radio What were you thinking of?! Is that an apology? If we hadn't found this child, she would've frozen to death! ,,,,,,It wasn't me! My husband took her away when I wasn't there! I've looked and looked! Is that true? All I've suffered on account of that man! "Hi, Mom!" God really loves this child, you know. I want you to give her lots of love too. Do right by her, or you'll pay for it. I'm so sorry! I'm sorry! Nishizawa-san! What are you doing in here?! Get out of here! Get out! Wait! I'm no thief. You're lying! Get out! Where's the baby?! Did an old queer and a girl come to give it back? What are you talking about?! You abandoned a baby! I can prove it. Are you a cop? Huh? I'm just a bum who was passing by. Are you right in the head? I'm damn near crazy from all this! Why is the baby you abandonedon the news as being "taken away"? They'll call us kidnappers! It wasn't me. That's not my kid. What? There, there! Don't cry! Take care. Raise her right. See you again someday. Never leave her again. On the year's last day when all of a life's accounts have been settled up. On the year's last day when all of a life's accounts have been settled up. On the year's last day when all of a life's accounts have been settled up. Sachiko stole that baby out of the hospital. She stole a baby? She stole a baby and then abandoned it?! That's a person's life! She lied to me about it! And now, it's gone way out of control. I don't want anything to do with it! Take the kid to the police! What?! Don't act like you're not part of this! You don't want to get involved? You're her husband! That's all over! I'm getting my life back together. Look! I won , yen in the lottery. My luck's turned! I know a guy just like you. He threw away his life and his family. No. They threw him away. I'm no loser! These were in your wife's bag. Any idea where she might have gone? She said she was going to be with her baby. She was going to kill herself! There's no time to waste! No! She was just going to go look for the kid.

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