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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


5GTR, 5GTR online radio, 5GTR internet radio fm... Add to your site. She's desperate. That only means one thing! But where do I look?! Hana! Miyuki! Kiyoko! God must be busy at this time of year. Better once a year than never. Geezer? You're too late. You just missed a very moving finale. What's the matter, geezer? "Kiyoko"! "Stomach"? "Mother"! Now, that's settled Radio What the hell do you mean?! Fake! The mother! Sachiko's a fake! Pardon? Why won't you drink? A baby has to drink from its mother's breast. We'll never be close if you don't! Sorry. Wrong people. She can't be far! But where do we look? We can't just give her up now! That's Kiyoko! Should you be running, Hana? If I don't run now, when will I? This way! How could we be so dumb?! Returning stolen goods to a thief! Who said "family suicide"? You did! Which way? Left. Okay, right! Why? You're a lousy gambler! You got that right. Somebody help! Hey. Hey! Wait! Thief! Thief! What's wrong? A woman just stole my truck! Hey! Thief! Yes! That woman! She's a baby thief! Be quiet, will you? Please! Be a good baby! Stop! Give Kiyoko back! Give me a break! I'm forever in your debt! Gin-chan! It's no use! That woman's crazy! Get closer! I can't! You have to, for Kiyoko! Who's Kiyoko?! Step on it like a man! Okay! Please! Be quiet! Gin-chan! Geezer?! Geezer! Go for it, Gin-chan! No action star can touch you! Pass her! We'll die! Step on it! Okay! Stop crying! Don't be afraid. I'll never leave you again. You want to die?! Gin-chan! Gin-chan! There! Are you okay?! Where's Kiyoko? Faster! Okay! Which way? We're at the scene Radio where a truck has crashed into a building in Shinagawa. Now, a woman holding a baby has appeared on the roof. Witnesses say, the woman is connected with the incident Radio as she was driving the truck. Now, there's someone else on the roof! Stay away! No! Tell me why you took that baby. ,,,,,,I didn't! This baby is mine! You're lying! Its real parents are worried sick about it! That's not true! You of all people should know what it's like to lose a child! She's dead. My baby died before she was even born! All the other babies looked so healthy there in the ward. I wanted to die. But then this baby smiled at me. I decided she was mine. I thought as long as I had her, everything would be fine. My husband would mend his ways, and we'd be a real family. That's bull! Build a family by ruining a baby's life? If you're going to die, do it alone! A life is a life. It's only born once. You, me, or Kiyoko. Give her back, okay? I want to be reborn. Sachiko! Sachiko, don't die! Come back to me! I was wrong! Please, don't kill yourself! We'll start again! We'll be reborn! Sachiko! I'll go first and wait for you. Sachiko! Please! Let me die! Kiyoko wants to see her mom and dad! I want to go home. I'm sorry! Take her Radio to her mother and father. Oh, no. Hana! I'm okay! I'm still alive! Inspector Radio I don't know how to thank you. By all means Radio We're not the ones you should thank. Man, that was a good sleep. Get me a cigarette, Miyuki. In my jacket. Yeah, yeah. That was some New Year's! It's "No Smoking" here. Lighten up! I'm a hero! You mean "we"! I guess we won't have to listento Kiyoko's damn crying anymore. She's not "Kiyoko" anymore. I'm not pleased. What can we do? Not that. This is a men's ward! Perhaps we're intruding. No, it's just Radio I'm told they're homeless. Who cares? We'd like them to be her godfathers. Come in. Excuse us. The baby's parents would like to thank you Radio Dad Radio I don't think so. She's only a child. Only seventeen. Eighteen next month. Only seventeen, Mr Darby. And it's plain to see she's not old enough to see what's good for her. Mrs Harper, there is no harm. Bea likes to get around and meet interesting people. I can do that for her. She can get along very nicely without you. You're not the kind of person I want Bea to see. I hope you're not judging by my temporary surroundings. Mrs Harper, my apartment .. I know the kind of man you are Mr Darby, I've gone to the trouble to find out. How does Bea feel about all this? I haven't discussed it with her. I don't intend to, as you will stop seeing her.

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