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Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Arrow UK

The Arrow UK, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Besides, it wasn't your fault. Yeah Say Would you take a look? At what? Taguchi's disk. What is it? It's Taguchi's place. Is that Taguchi? Yeah, I think so. Look. What's going on? Isn't that the same scene? I can't tell. Hey, look. That's a face A reflection. You're right. Can you blow it up? Let me see That was Taguchi, wasn't it? Sure seems like it. What's going on? Maybe something strange is going on. Strange? I don't know. I don't even care anymore. Something's definitely not right. A message in a bottle launched years ago by a boy on Tanegashima Island was recently discovered on a beach in Malaysia some ,kms away. Koichi Hikono was a th grader when he sent off his message. Members of a local group, cleaning up the beach, a sea turtle habitat, discovered the bottle by accident. I never imagined it would find its way to some foreign country. I was shocked to get an answer after years. The group located Hikono through his former elementary school. Next, the National Weather Service forecasts another unseasonably hot summer, it's the third for eastern Japan for western Japan Northern Japan will "Welcome to the Internet." No, this way, here. Okay. Next, okay. Next. "Have Fun." Okay, I'll have fun. Done. "Okay." What's this crap? Yes, I agree. Next What? I guess that's okay. Next again, huh? What? What the? Oh, well What the hell? Hey this Who's what's Would you like to meet a ghost? crap! What the Maybe you should change the size on this batch file. Using the variable? Yeah. So you'll find its property, right? Oh, conventional memory. Right. See. So that's how you do it. Say Can the internet dial you up itself? You in computer science? No, economics. No relation. Sounds like a hacker. A hacker It said, "Do you want to meet a ghost?" Some website like that. A ghost Which website was that? What? Something about meeting ghosts? I don't really know. It just appeared last night. Know the address? What? Um address? I see. Windows? Yeah. Open the Explorer log Oh, no, no, I really don't know anything about computers. The next time the site shows up, click on it to bookmark it. Not so fast. Click Can you repeat that? Click on it. Click on it To bookmark it. To bookmark it. If that doesn't work, you know the print screen key? Yeah, this one? Try pressing it. If it doesn't work Print screen key. Press the Print screen Got it. Let me know? Sure. See you. Don't bother with that, Mom. What? Sure. Are you eating this junk again? It's not good for you. I'm going now. Have you called your father? Nope. I see but what if you get in trouble? I can't rush over. It's awkward for me to see him, but you should. Forget it. He's out of the picture. He lives here in Tokyo. But Tokyo's huge. I know, but I'm fine. I've got my friends. You sure? I guess you'll be all right then. You're so trusting and get carried away Hello. Hello. Help Help Help Who's this? Help What is this? THE FORBIDDEN ROOM Taguchi? What happened, Taguchi? What? What am I saying? What happened to Yabe? Try his house? No answer. I hope nothing's wrong. Oh, no. What's he up to?

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