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Monday, September 4, 2017

Classic FM UK

Online Radio Classic FM UK, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site I've got to go see him. No! Don't go! He'll turn up. He'll come if we wait! Nothing strange has happened yet. Yeah Let's just act normal. Yeah, at least for today. Sorry, I'm late. Sure, sure. Where were you? Why didn't you call? Hey! Can you believe, he's ignoring us! What's going on? Who cares What do I do now? Click it and bookmark it. Doesn't work. If that doesn't work, press the print screen key. There. Hi. You're the one Kawashima. Kawashima. Yeah, Kawashima. I'm Harue Karasawa. Ms. Harue, Ms. Harue. How'd it go? Well, it came back again. Really? Yeah. And I pressed that print screen key Right. Can I come over and check it out? Yeah, sure, absolutely fine. I just need a minute. What's this? That? Something we programmed here. If two dots get too close, they die, but if they get too far apart, they're drawn closer. What's it for? A miniature model of our world But only the grad student who designed it understands it. I wouldn't suggest staring at it for too long. Sorry, it's a mess. Thank you. There you go. Thank you. Getting the data? Yeah, almost set. What got you started on the internet? Nothing in particular You don't like computers, right? No. Wanted to connect with other people? Maybe I don't know. Everybody else is into it. People don't really connect, you know. What? Like those dots simulating humans. We all live totally separately. That's how it seems to me. I wonder Yabe Ms. Kudo! Yes. Can you move these orchids into the greenhouse? Yes. Boss Yes? Isn't Yabe acting strange? You think so? Can I go check on him? Fine, but It might be a waste of time. Words said in friendship with the best of intentions always wind up hurting your friends deeply. And then you wind up getting hurt. Is friendship always that way? If that's so, what's left? If I were you Who needs friends like that? A courageous choice in itself. Are you okay? Did something happen? If something happened, let's talk about it. Both Junko and I are really worried. I saw A face What? A horrible face I've never seen anything like it What are you saying? What did you see? The Forbidden Room. Forbidden Room? What's that? Is that the room with the red tape? Don't dare go in there! Please tell me. What happened? I'm cold. Yabe Are you okay? EXIT Harue. Hi. I don't really use the library much. Couldn't find the way out. PHANTOMS You reading this? Yeah. Is it related to your work in the lab? Yeah. Do you have a minute? What? Sure. Come. Isn't it strange? Yeah sort of Almost like ghosts, right? You're right, they're like ghosts. Sometimes, these turn up. At first, they look like the other dots. What are they? I don't know. A bug? No. That website What? What happened with that? Nothing yet But I think they're related. I'm sure they're related. You think? Let me know if anything happens. Yeah, sure. Ms. Karasawa I need you to check this. Yes. And you are? My friend, Kawashima. My senior grad student, Yoshizaki. Hello. I forgot to give you my number. Right. Call me, okay? Right. Anytime, okay? Yeah. Thank you. "Everyone dies, therefore there's no logical reason for ghosts not to exist.

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