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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Jazz FM UK

Online Radio Jazz FM UK, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site "How many ghosts have "existed since prehistoric times" Do you see it too? Sure you do, because it's really there. Who is that? You'll have to catch him to find out. Start right now, and you might succeed. Wanna try? What? Why don't you, right now? He disappeared. I see. He must be a student I don't know him. Maybe you're right. Sorry I encouraged you. See you. Wait a minute. Just what was that? I'm cold The spirit Or consciousness, the soul, whatever you want to call it, it turns out the realm they inhabit has a finite capacity. Whether that capacity accommodates billions or trillions eventually, it will run out of space. Once it's filled to the brim it's got to overflow somehow, somewhere. But where? The souls have no choice but to ooze into another realm, that is to say, our world. Maybe, at first it started with something really simple. Once that realm reached critical m any device would have sufficed. Thrown together with the means and materials at hand. That's how I see it. Excuse me, do you have any tape? Anything'll do, some tape. How's this? Thank you. After many hours or days or many weeks, it finally happens. Through that process, it spread around the world. But now they're no longer the faint presence they began as. You saw one yourself. I don't believe your stories. Right, sorry, it's all hypothetical. Thanks for the tea. Are you okay? Just fine. But if this really happened, there's no turning back. No matter how simple the device, once the system's complete, it'll function on its own and become permanent. In other words the circuit is now open that's how it looks. Hello. I see, our boss isn't there? Yes, I understand. If he does stop by, will you please ask him to call us? Yes, thank you very much. Michi what do you think's going on? Why's everyone disappearing? Hello. This is Sunny Plant Sales calling. Thank you for your business. Is our boss there with you by any chance? I see Thank you, and excuse me. I'll go look for him. Wait, Junko, wait. Yes, hello Boss? Help. Yabe! Are you Yabe? Yabe! Help me Help me Help Help Help Help Junko Junko! Junko, no! Junko! Are you okay? Are you okay? Help me Help me Help me Junko! Look, I'm right here. I'm right here, it's okay. Excuse me. HARUE KARASAWA TEL: -- What are you doing, Harue! You're dripping wet! They went away They've all disappeared They always do I have to run away Run away somewhere Harue! Hey, Harue! Listen, Harue! Harue! Calm down! Harue! Thank you I always wondered what it's like to die From when I was really little I was always alone. Any parents or family? Sure, but they're irrelevant. Right That after death you live happily with everyone over there. Can we stop talking about this? But it may be true. Sure, but Then in high school it dawned on me you might be all alone after death, too. There's no way to know. How could you? The idea was so terrifying. I couldn't even bear it. That nothing changes with death, just right now, forever. Is that what becoming a ghost is about? You can't mess with that. It's really bad. What have ghosts got to do with us? Besides, we're alive.

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