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Friday, September 8, 2017

Absolute Classic Rock

Online Radio Absolute Classic Rock, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Thanks And you? I had a job. Amazing. Nothing amazing. Did you have any friends? Friends? Maybe one, I guess. What was she like? What? I don't really know I never really found out Where is she? Somewhere Okay, try starting it. Okay, good. Why don't you look for her? What? She's still somewhere, right? You've got to help her then. But Let's go find her. I'll help you. This is the last stop After that we go as far as we can. I can sort of see The future HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP Look over there. An abandoned factory? I wonder Shall we try it? Listen, even if you see a door sealed with red tape, don't go near it, okay? I know. You okay? Look at this. Look over there. Kawashima. Harue! Watch out! What happened, Harue? What are you doing with that? Let's get out of this place, together. Together? Yeah. C'mon, hand it over. Harue! Harue! Oh, no, a hospital Harue! Don't die! C'mon! Please! Help me! Harue! We couldn't save her No We're out of gas I'll get some, there was gas back there. You'll be okay? Wait for me. I'll be okay. Forever Death was Eternal loneliness Help. Help. Help. Don't ask me! What's that got to do with me! Forever Death was Eternal loneliness You're not real. I refuse to acknowledge never I refuse to acknowledge death! I know. I'll catch you. Then you'll disappear. That's it, right! Right! You can't beat me! I am Not an illusion Kawashima! What is it? Forget it Let's go It's too much What are you doing? You went in there Me? Yeah, I did, but I'm fine. Don't cry. You want to go back? To what's left of Harue? That make you feel better? If that's what you want, I'll go with you. No Let's go As far as we can go. Are you sure about that? Yeah. Can you get out? You okay? Be careful. Wait here, okay? Death comes to us all If so, maybe we would have been happier if we had gone with the rest. But we chose to keep going into the future We'll head for South America. We're still getting signals there. Though they're pretty weak. We've got to give it a try No matter what we find. If anyone's survived we can head out again and go as far as we can. C'mon, be strong. Have I done the right thing? Yes. Hey, Amiconi! The radio news! Zarzalli, how're you? Forse says the th ministerial commission has convened .. to rule on the raises for the A group th grade teachers. My dearest colleagues .. does the dong work? Well, if it works The principal! Zarzalli, excuse me Nanini had come because they had told him you were sick. To you and Nanini! I only need fifty more days and I go home with the maximum pension! Hello. Good morning. Hello. That's the way! Good morning. That's the way! Graziani! Cipollone! Good morning Cipparone. Good morning to you! I'm here! Filippi! Facchetti! Amiconi! Zarzalli! Thank you. Muzzi! Thank you. And Mombelli! Here! Have you taken care of me? Mombelli, you have an industrialist's child. Will you change it for two workers' children? Are you kidding me?! I got all the scum! It's not fair for you to get all the children of the rich. Why do you talk without knowing? I got two unemployed children. One of a dustman.

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