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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Planet Rock UK

Online Radio Planet Rock UK, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Then, who are they? Are they really alive? How are they different from ghosts? In fact ghosts and people are the same whether they're dead or alive. It's not right. It's wrong. They're all crazy. Nobody knows what happens when you die. All this about ghosts, but I won't believe in them, even if I see one. But I do know that I'm definitely alive and so are you, Harue. That's for sure, right? So I don't want to think about the fact we'll die someday. Just maybe in years, or at least while we're still alive they'll invent a drug that prevents death. Then, we could live forever and ever. Of course you might think I'm crazy to say that, but I'd rather bet on that. You want to live forever? Yeah. That sounds like fun? Yeah That's what I think. Maybe I've got it all wrong. No It'll turn out just like you say. I'm sure. What? Ghosts won't kill people. Because that would just make more ghosts. Isn't that right? Instead, they'll try to make people immortal. By quietly trapping them in their own loneliness. Help Help Junko, it'll be okay. It'll be okay. Okay I fell asleep How do you feel? Yeah. Something to drink? How about some coffee? Michi What? Am I just going to die like this? Of course not. That's right I'll just keep on living, all alone What? No. Junko! Junko. Junko! Junko! Why! Why! Junko, don't go! Junko. Mother? Mother? Mother! I'll be right there. Harue Harue! Hey Kawashima take me with you. I'm scared to be alone. Take me somewhere. Okay, sure. Where to? Somewhere far away. OUT OF ORDER , let's just go! There's no one No Where did everyone go? I'm here. I'm here beside you. Even if there's no one else, it doesn't matter. We are both definitely here. Guess that's true What happened? I've got to go back! What? No! We've come this far! But this is the end of the line. That's not true. It'll start moving. I'll go check with the driver. Come with me. Okay, but promise you'll wait right here. I'll be right back. Promise. Harue! THE FORBIDDEN ROOM CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS RED TAPE I'm not alone Harue, it's me, Kawashima. Harue! Listen! Listen, what do you say to this The two of us live together. That way, we can always be together. If we keep living alone, we'll get worse and worse because we're weak. We'll balance each other out. How 'bout living that way? Would you try it with me? What do you think, Harue? Listen! Harue! Harue! Harue! Missing in Tokyo: Mitsuo Sakai, . Missing in Tokyo: Naoko Yamazaki, age . Missing in Kanagawa: Michio Hirayama, age . Missing in Kanagawa: Takumi Kawahara, age . Missing in Saitama: Shigeki Tomioka, age . Missing in Tokyo: Tomoko Yoshida, age . Missing in Tokyo: Kumi Nakajima, age . Missing in Kanagawa: Eri Kitaoka, age . Missing in Tokyo: Tatsuya Fukuda, age . Are you okay? Breakdown? Yeah. Want some? You are? Oh, me? Um What are you doing here? What am I doing here You? So neither your dad nor your mom made it through No So many things happened at once it's impossible to sort them all out. Yeah. Me too. My head's all messed up. So you're a student, Kawashima? Yeah. Lucky you. I don't think so. Here.

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