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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

BBC Radio World Service

Online BBC Radio World Servicek, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Ada and I, for economic reasons, we watched TV at the bar. Our mattress is the best present. Now, their dreams will soon become reality. The wait, with its subtle anxiety, can be killed with a lot of small, well-found, inventions, extraordinary, fantastic insights. Then, an unusual and dear image is felt, and a new sentiment is born. Look, it's like buying a cornet of dreams, and lead a life in two, in an unreal world. " Hey, Carlo! Hi Ada, how's things? Hi Antonio, how're you? I'm fine, why? Come, Ada. What's the matter with him? Nothing! Bye, Carlo. Bye, Ada. Why're you so rude with my brother? You're ashamed he's a worker? But he makes more than you do anyway. Like everybody else does. You're so preoccupied with what others think, good for you! But look at them! I'm looking! Do as they do, at least, instead of all that nonsense about your dignity! You have to have your eyes set on the dough, my dear! Mori, for instance. He was a worker like Carlo and look at his wife now! She must be wearing at least kg of gold! They were penniless, and started from scratch. But t hey had a spine, not like you, one made of cheese! And that one? Bugatti is of your age. Do you remember him? Only that now his shoes travel half the world. Look at him! You shouldn't point your finger! Yes, I remember him, and I've always disliked him a lot! Sure, sure like him or not, he turns out pairs a day, with a profit, I think, of , per pair. How much is that, mister schoolteacher? How much is it? x= ,, zeros ,! You think that's not much? No. It seems a lot for an illiterate. Illiterate! Now, we have graduated oh! We want to have the good life. It's better being a whore on a side road that having this life I'm telling you! Will you shut up? Listen, I have an idea. I'll go work in the factory. Where're you going? All women do Vigevano. What's wrong? Are you mad? Mrs. Mombelli doesn't go in a factory! Uffa! A factory is no brothel. Once a lady always a lady. That's where you're wrong, Ada. Control yourself! You're talking without thinking. If you were a real lady, you'd be ashamed of saying what you're saying. You bet I'm ashamed! I've got a son who'll son be a soldier and he hasn't be confirmed yet, because we can't buy him the clothes. Of course I'm ashamed! In here even workers travel to Paris. All women go! And I've never been to Paris. Good evening Mombelli. an unforgettable celebration! Come on! Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris that's the mentality! For you small-town inhabitants there's only Paris. Good evening, illustrious colleagues! What can there be in this Paris!? Mombelli by the way, have you read my article in the third page, about the treasures hid in plain sight? No. Well, the gist is that we don't see the beauty that's close to us. My dear Mrs. Mombelli .. tell me, what's there in Paris that we don't have it here, in Vigevano? In Paris there's the Eiffel Tower, also known as the Silver Tower, and we have the Bramante tower. In Paris there's the Seine, in Vigevano the Ticino. In Paris there's Place Pigalle, here Place Ducale.

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