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Thursday, September 14, 2017

BBC Radio Asian Network

Online BBC Radio Asian Network, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site I even have a moron I don't know! I got morons. Great! No one has any compion for me. Did you know? Miss. Cuore, the principal's daughter, has only famous professionals and rich merchants' children in her cl. And that's news?! Listen would you give me two artisans' children? No! What? You got two butchers, two delicatessen. Give me a delicatessen! If not, everyone sticks to his stuff! Zarzalli? Got a delicatessen? If I've got, I keep it for myself, don't I? That's bad! What will you do with it? Eating salami at your age?! Give me mine back and I'll give you back your industrialist! Why? Because he's broke, and you knew it! A deal's a deal! You're a crook! Quieta non movere et mota quietare! Good morning. Good morning. I'll come t greet the children in the clroom. Cuore You can also go! And do a good job! But quickly! Quickly! Arms folded! Bugatti! Present! Cascapera! Present! Chiappella! Present! Durante! Present! Stand up! Sit! Dear disciples, our heart more powerfully beats today seeing us reunited in our beloved school. Old, but forever new, like the old oak on whose trunk, every year, sprout new buds. And, indeed, it's in this climate of eternal renewal .. that we bring forth to your attention an idea of ours, that, we think, we'll prove itself pleasant to all, because it blends .. the requests of an active school, with those of p with those of p Play! of play! Very well! Each and every cl will be organized as a mini .. like a mini Minigolf! Ministry! Like a minis try! Like a ministry! Very well! Every cl will elect its own ministers. The Foreign Affairs one will take the circulars to the clrooms. The Internal Affairs one will provide discipline and cleanliness. And, finally, the Transportation one will collect the home works, and distribute them to the various cles. Don't you find this a good idea? Yes! Then, do a good job! With the wish that our school .. will be like a big family for all of us. Stand up! Long live, long live the principal, Our great teacher Long live, long live the principal, Our great teacher Silence! Arms folded! Yes, the principal said it well. School is a big family. But I, besides this one, I had my family, my own, much smaller, but more difficult to run. Do you like me? If I like you? I don't know, I'm no good at it, Ada. Not bad? Yes. It's your underwear. I hope I'll get ill on the street, so that, at the hospital, they'll see what is under that stuff you call dignity! What's that got to do? Schoolteacher Mombelli's dignity. Listen, if you'd have to think at another woman, how would you like her? Dressed poorly, like me, or more elegant? Come on, answer me! Well, my Ada, I wouldn't want a woman more elegant, just one less vulgar! And who is it that turned me vulgar? Rino? Who is it that makes me lead such an humiliating life? Oh! You should rather hurry, we're always late! My son Rino. All my hopes are with him. Even if he doesn't like studying and at is still in junior high. Come on, Ada! Hurry up! We won't find any seats. They aren't waiting for us. On holiday evenings will Rino went cinema.

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