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Saturday, September 16, 2017

BBC Radio 6 Music

Online BBC Radio 6 Music, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Right! Will you close your legs, everyone's staring and they can see everything! Better! So even these four schmucks can see the panties you're sending me out with! I'll pinch you! Behave! Well, we're leaving. Good evening. Ada! Send me to work in the factory! Ada! We really can't go on like this. Then, let's find Rino a job. He's grown up. He can start making some money. No, Ada, Rino can't quit school. Rino must study. Must he? He's not a worker's child. He's schoolteacher Mombelli's son. I teach others and I should send my son to work? He isn't even made for studying. How changed you are, Ada! The times have changed. When I was a girl, people used to say: "How lucky she is. She's marrying a teacher. " Now they're saying: "Poor devil. She married a teacher. " Ignorant people, Ada! We are better. Try to forget we're poor and we'll always be happy. Really? Good night. You think I don't know, Ada, what's making be so sad always? You dream about being a rich woman .. and you are not one. How wonderful would be being able to make you smile! Giving you the best things in the world. Elegant clothes. Furs. Glowing jewelry. That's how I dream of you also, Ada! And I want you I want you so much! Ada! Why have you done this? What do you mean why? Because you deserve it. But it's too much! What're you saying? That's nonsense! Nothing is too much for you. How beautiful you are! Not here! At home! At home! Antonio? Antonio? What're you doing?! Sleeping standing up!? Let's go home! Come on, let's go! I want to go to sleep. My Ada! It's late. Shut up! ,! Got it! Show me! ,! With ? Rino? What's the matter with you, my treasure? What're you feeling? Does it hurt you? Tell daddy! Where does it hurt? Here? Here? Here? Why isn't he speaking? He looks stunned. What can be the matter with him? An indigestion? Out of the question in our house. Anyway, he isn't going to school today. That's for sure. And I'm not going either. We must call a doctor. Take medicine. Rino, my darling! I'm going to the drugstore. I'm not going to school. Great! So, we'll lose the attendance allowance! We won't make it worse. Go! Will you take care of it? I will. Rino? Come on, go! My treasure! Hurry, you're late! Daddy's going to work. Come, go, go! Why isn't he talking? Can it be that's serious? Take care of him, Ada! Make him speak! Rino? Get dressed, quickly! You've come and you should make this clear. A child's illness is a force majeure! Of course! Don't worry! Just like revolts, floods, earthquakes, epidemics, wars! Here he is! Will you tell him? Of course! My son is ill and they must replace me. It's my right! Don't worry. This is the good time! Mister principal! Eight and thirty-nine, teacher Mombelli! Eight and thirty-ni ne! Why? I'm sorry, mister principal! Speak, teacher Mombelli! My son is ill, mister principal! I'm sorry! If you'd like, sir, to excuse me for today, teacher Nanini could replace me. An excellent element! He isn't an excellent element, is he, sir? Could we tell you a story, teacher Mombelli? Even two, sir! Stand up! I'm sorry. Well?

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