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Monday, September 18, 2017

BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

Online BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Stand Teacher Mombelli! Mister principal! They were already standing. They were already Well done! The story! The story! When we were still a teacher, Yes? it so happened that our daughter fell ill. Miss. Cuore? A long illness that caused a certain glandular imbalance .. that had consequences upon her physical structure. It doesn't show, mister principal! Well, in that occasion never did we missed from school, teacher Mombelli! And do you know why? Do I know why? Because the teacher is a mis? Because the teacher is a mis? sile! Missionary, teacher Mombelli! A missionary! I'm confused. Let's see, let's see! The loops! Good, good! The "l" must touch the upper line. Upper. And the "f" the upper and the lower one. Lower. But here we don't have a loop well looped, teacher Mombelli! And then, these are bookish lessons! Active school! Dramatize, Dramatize! Dramatize! Pupils! Attention! You'll be Columbus's crew. And you'll be Christopher Columbus. And you, teacher Mombelli Who will I be? Roderigo De Tri De Triana! Roderigo De Triana was the sailor on the "Pinta" "Pinta"! who from the crow's nest first saw earth The earth! Do you have a telescope? Do I have a telescope? You don't have a telescope? I don't, sir! Here! Beautiful! Is it for real? Of course it's for real! Go to the window and observe the sea! Right away, sir! Crew! Mutiny! Mutiny! Land! Land! Land! Land! We're hungry! Renegade! Cuckold! No, no profanities! Are they exaggerating? They're sailors, sir! Observe the sea! Don't treat me like this! Do you see the shores of America? I see the shores of America. No. No. You should say: "Not yet!" "Not yet!" Observe! Observe the sea! Observe! No, not in front of my pupils! Christopher Columbus sailed for days and days I so much want to fool around! .. without seeing the land. He begged the Divine Grace, but the land was nowhere to be seen! And those on the "Nina" went on paddling Rino! What's he doing!? How can that be? You were ill! Paddle, paddle! Hello, daddy! Have you seen how much money I've made? No, no, daddy! Mommy! Mommy! No, no! Shame! All Vigevano has seen my son doing the delivery boy Shame, shame! Shame on you! Betraying daddy's good faith! What're you doing? Not saying anything? No! Just looking! What are you? A sadist? No. I just want to see how coward you can be! Come on! Go, clobber him! Why have you done it? Why? You knew the pain you were giving on me! You did it on purpose! You wanted to make me angry! You wanted to spite me! Did you? Of course! But what did you want to prove? What? What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! We've lost all trace of dignity! We've lost all human respect! What? Without decency, without decency! What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! Are you following me, Ada? I have the pretension that I'm able to provide for my wife and my son. You'll say that I'm presumptuous. But I'm an old fashioned man. And there always have existed old fashioned men. Even in the Romans' time there were old fashioned men. Are you following me, Ada? Get to the point!

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