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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BBC Radio 5 Live

Online BBC Radio 5 Live, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site Don't send Rino working anymore! I shouldn't go to work, Rino neither. What about the gas, the installments, the broken shoes well? I'll give private lessons. I'll do post school. It's a substitute's job, but I'll do it. It's humiliating for me to send Rino to work. He shouldn't go! Never again! Do you promise? You must promise. Alright. I promise. But you'll regret it. What do you mean? That's not true. You're good! How beautiful you are! I like you, Ada! No. Come on, be nice, my dear, come on! My Ada! The promise had put me at ease, but the threat had made me anxious. "You'll regret it!", she had said. And, in fact, a couple of days later, the footwear industrialist Bugatti entered the school I think for the first time in his life. Right flank right! Chest out! Get ready for the race! Go! Indian file for the free jump go! Go, go, go! One, two One, two one, two. Go, go, go! One, two One, two move it! Move it, move it, move it, move it, move it! One, two One, two One, two One, two. Move it, move it, move it, move it, move it, move it! What's the matter? Commendator Bugatti, my respects! Excuse my attire; it's gymnastics’ cl. It doesn't matter, dear teacher! So Do say, sir. Dear teacher, you must know that your wife .. come to me and asked for big ones. , francs. No! Yes, yes! I gave it to her because, you know, I understand very well .. that even an ordinary worker makes more money than you, schoolteachers. Please, could you lower your voice? The kids are here! Hi, daddy! Go to your place. I'm talking to your teacher. You were saying? No, I'm saying this because you should .. take, how should I put it, special care of my Menelik. What Menelik? Yes, of my son! It'd be high time you stopped giving him and the bad notations? Yes! Stop, sir! That's something different I didn't know about my wife. Believe me! I find it impossible! On the contrary, I'm sure he's the one who sent her! Eh? You see! He! I thought it was strange! Who is the one that sent her? He you! You he! I ? Yes. What're you doing now? Playing smart so not to pay what you owe? Alright, let's pretend we believe it! No, you must believe me! Alright, matter closed! Correctness for correctness, I give you he gives me! This also because I wouldn't like telling this ugly thing .. to your mister principal! No? Bye, Menelik! All the best You also! mister teacher! Thank you very much! Thank you. Look! here's a. I'll put a . Will you tell it to daddy? Yes, mister teacher. Here's a . I'll put a . Will you tell it to daddy? Yes, mister teacher. Here there's nothing, I'll put a . Will you tell daddy? Yes. Teacher Mombelli? Have you spoken? No, mister teacher. Is the principal in here? Yes, sir. Stand up! You can go now, Bugatti! Well done! What're you doing, teacher Mombelli? Nothing, sir. Well the the exercise books! I was marking the home works, sir! Why are you changing these grades, teacher Mombelli? Why are you changing these grades, teacher Mombelli? What are you saying, sir? Well I had a thing I had an afterthought. I've valued these home works differently from how I had the first time

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