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Friday, September 22, 2017

BBC Radio 4 Extra

Online BBC Radio 4 Extra, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site looking at the compositions, mister Of course, of course, you're right .. these compositions, these problems didn't deserve a four, but , , ! You're too generous, teacher Mombelli! Change these grades the way we've agreed! It's as if it was already done, sir! Stand up! Bugatti come here right away! ! ! I was worried. The thing couldn't end this away. It was a question of correctness that's to say of dignity! But there also was the danger commendator Bugatti told the principal everything. But, above anything else. it was a question of dignity! Well, there were both things. That made up my mind. On that th, as soon as I got my pay, and before returning home May I? Good afternoon, teacher. Good afternoon. Well, my dear teacher! Welcome! Take a seat! What's bringing you? Come, come! Tell me! Do you need me? Please, please! Here we are! and . But but have you gone mad? Please! I don't think it's honest, commendatore, giving your son grades he hasn't earned! Frankly, I admit I have tried, but my conscience prevented me! Pinin Pinin come, come here a moment, come! Come! D'you see who it is? It's your teacher. Some time ago I gave his wife big ones. Now, he came here and gave me the money back. Look! Understood? Look at him closely! Go, go go and eat, I'll explain everything afterward. Go! Thank you, commendatore, for having cited me in front of Menelik as an example! Thank you! Listen, you've misunderstood? Because later I'll tell my Pinin .. that you are an example he mustn't follow if he wants to get ahead in life! Not to mention, my dear teacher, that me, those , lire, had already decided to write them off, and that's that! What I can understand is why are you here worrying and for what? For a joke, for a on the exercise books! You know, that's not serious! Go, go teacher and learn your way around the world! And, if you need me, you know where to find me, alright? You'll see, Rino! Today is the th. As soon as daddy comes home with the pay, I'll make him give me the money for your confirmation costume. I saw one in the square You'd look great in it I was thinking: "You're right, Ada!" Isn't trying so hard not to be humiliated .. more humiliating than any humiliation? I had the courage to do that beautiful act with that Bugatti! But I hadn't the courage to go back home and face Ada! And what do I achieve by postponing? What one obtains who must have a tooth removed and postpones going to the dentist. The postponement! The coward lives postponing! I skipped lunch that day and went to see my friend Nanini. That's what I always did when I needed a little understanding. Nanini? Nanini? Who is it? Oh, hi! Hi. How're you, Nanini? Studying. I've got exams tomorrow. Exams? I'm trying again. I want to become a regular teacher. You need something? No, just ping by, but if you can't.. One moment. Wait! You know, we have two rooms. My wife has rented one to an accountant, and the other one is a ping room, so that the only quiet place in my home is, with all due respect, toilet! I spend others in there. Oh, me also! Do you read a lot?

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