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Sunday, September 24, 2017

BBC Radio 4

Online BBC Radio 4, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site No, I go there to meditate! No, I read a lot. I'd like putting there a little shelf for the books! I've read so many books in there As for me, I think, I reflect. I forge opinions. I look at the walls, the ceiling, the floor, the tiles. Imagine! Cracks form motifs on the walls. There's a soldier on the ceiling. And on the ground there's a dog with a hat. Mine is intimate, very silent. Such moments, oh! Until they don't knock on the door, I don't get up. I synchronize myself with the : Express. When it whistles, I get up. One day the railway workers went on strike. I didn't know it. Imagine I was late for school! I sometimes fall asleep. Well, get up now! Come on! Tell me, professor Nanini: "Which famous poets inspired D'Annunzio's romanticism?" "Which famous poets inspired D'Annunzio's romanticism?" By By! By By By D'Annunzio has always made me puke! He was hollow! He was bombastic! That's enough! Are you interested in him? No, I don't care about D'Annunzio! Neither do I! But you have the exams. What will you tell them? They like D'Annunzio. My Nanini, do you want to set yourself up, or wait a substitution that never comes? Come on! Move it, wake up! But why should a man poison his soul with all under the sun, the payroll, the money! And the studying! And for what? I'm a wretch. You don't have the guts to go back to your wife Wouldn't it be better if we lived in a more tranquil world? More primitively? More rurally? And the railroad? And the train? Are these useless according to you? Yes. Well, you see, Nanini scepticism is what's eating you! On the contrary, I think atomic energy .. I didn't invent it, but I'm proud it exists, because a man invented it and I am a man. Nanini .. life doesn't only mean pleasures of the flesh, there also are the moral ones! As a matter of fact, the carnal ones I despise them deeply! They disgust me! Don't they disgust you? Look Nanini? Who are they? What are they doing? Look at him? Free! Aggressive! Primitive! Look at him! He's Adam in the Earthly Paradise! Adam and Eve! So beautiful! It's beautiful, but I'm going home. I'll stay a little more. It always is like this. One hour of sweetness, two hours of bitterness! I was still confronted with the harsh reality .. of having to tell my wife I had given back the , lire to Bugatti. She'd have never understood me nor would I have had the strength to make her think! What was there for me to do? A mugging! They've mugged me! Ada! The thieves they've robbed me! No, no, no, no, Ada don't worry! Excellent! Ada, there're two of them with a woman's black stocking on their head! Gun in hand, they ordered me to stop! They then blocked my hands behind me, like this tied down! Then, they put their hands in my pocket and took , lire out of the envelope! Fortunately, I had the rest of the money in the other pocket! Oh, you don't believe me? And if I may, why don't you believe me, Ada? How come? You can read every day in the newspaper about robberies and in mine, you don't believe? No. Alright! Do you believe me, Rino? If mother doesn't believe you, why should I?

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