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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

BBC Radio 3

Online BBC Radio 3, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site D'you hear him? That's the example you give your son! Alright, Ada! Yes, I've lied! Yes! But it's your fault! Yes, it's your fault. Because if you hadn't gone begging to that Bugatti, a scoundrel who felt in his right to corrupt teacher Mombelli You know, I had no reason .. to play the clown in front of your son! You see, Ada Our sacrifices are like bricks, and if we cement them with the lime of our mutual affection and esteem .. we'll pull through! We shouldn't forget the teacher is like a missionary .. and the wife and children of a missionary are missionaries themselves. You know, I love the school, Ada, but I love you also, and I love Rino. Think about it, Ada, when Rino will have become a group A functionary Ah I fancy seeing him in his austerity! What a beautiful satis I see you understand. You always are sweet and submissive. Good night! Ada? Hi, Rino. Hi. Where's mother? She went to work in the factory. What have you said? She went to work in the factory. Nooooo! It's a simple thing. Just a matter of rhythm. You only have to learn the rhythm and that's all! Yes. Look at me! One two! I got it. You must put the mould well so Yes, so I don't waste leather. You got it. Teacher Mombelli? You not only are late, but also are without a neck .. without a neck .. tie! You're forgetting, teacher Mombelli, that if you don't get the highest .. qualification you won't p to the next salary coefficient! The pupils can hear you, sir Do nor interrupt! You're forgetting, teacher Mombelli, that if you don't get the highest .. qualification you won't promote to the next salary coefficient! Are you forgetting, teacher Mombeli, are you forgetting the coefficient, besides the tie? Don't raise your voice! When you're ignorant like you are, shutting up is the only thing to do! What? Shut up! Do you know the year America was discovered? ! Bravo! And what with was Rodrigo De Triana observing the sea? With a telescope. With a telescope, he says! What year was Galilei, inventor of the telescope, born in? ! Bravo! And, according to you, Rodrigo De Triana .. observed the sea with the telescope years before its inventor was born? Ignorant! Understood, teacher Mombelli? We don't tolerate in our school this kind of things! Go! Go into your clroom! Being late will take its toll on your future! Don't you doubt it! Ada! Ada! Why did you do it? I can't take it anymore! I can't take it anymore! Hey, Nanini? What happened to you? They've thrown me out of the exams. Rejected for the third time! Oh why take it so hard? It'll be better another time! But I'm years old! So what? There's people who make it to ! Here! I hope not! Frankly, dropping dead would be the only to everybody! Everyone one of them! No, no, you shouldn't speak like this! Nanini, don't What're you doing!? Blowing your nose? Here! Come on! Chin up! Don't take it so bad! Rino? Go and bring daddy's trousers! I stained them while frying with the pan! I'm sorry. Eh? I'm late. You're coming from the factory? Yes. Now you know who runs this house! Mommy! Mommy! I'll kill you! Don't you dare touch mommy!

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