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Thursday, September 28, 2017

BBC Radio 2

Online BBC Radio 2, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site I'll kill you! Ah! Mommy! The push she gave me! Wanna be a worker? Be a worker! I know what I have to do! Madam, I'd like some fruit! That's it! A pear and an apple! Wait! How much are these? . And these? cents. Two of these! Here! For you! . Ah! Madam, I'll also take a turnip! For you! Thank you. Every morning I did the shopping. I wanted to prove to Ada and to myself .. that the most civilized way to affirm one's superiority is leniency! In a few days I obtained a decent practice in housework. In this time, Ada became as expert as a skilled worked. Ada? Ada? Ada? Antonio, come on! I'm sorry, Ada, I'm late. I've brought you potato stew. You'll like it, you'll see! I've paid the light, the gas Sorry, but I’ll put the handkerchief here, because if I dirty my pants .. I won't have the time to take the stains of! But I've solved with the shirt. Thank you, it really was a nice present! It's a wonderful shirt. There's no need to iron it. You wash it in the evening I mean, I wash it in the evening .. and in the morning I find it already ironed. An American invention. Even the Americans, poor souls, don't have wives who iron their shirts! Here! I've only got ten minutes. Nice! Who gave it to you? I bought it. But I said it was a gift from you, to make you look good! That's what you say! But people know .. that teacher Mombelli can't afford to give you not even a tinplated watch! You know, I'm aware of what people think about me! That I'm exploiting you! Please! Ada? What're you doing? Crying? Ada? Why're you doing this? What's this hard here? Are you wearing a bustier? What bustier?! I've stolen two soles so we can resole your shoes. Ada, forgive me if I've said anything that offended you! I know, I shouldn't give you any worries. You're working late Ada! What're you doing? You're leaving? I'm fed up, Antonio, fed up! I've had it with being a worker! I know what it means working for an owner. Get a seam wrong and they humiliate you. Late a minute and they bad-mouth you! This why, Ada, I didn't want you to go to work! I know what it means. Leave the factory and we'll be happy together To be penniless like before? No! No! You do as you wish! You've got corns? Bye. Have a good day, Ada! Me and my brother Carlo .. we've been meddling into your affairs! Come again, Ada? Carlo is also stuffed with being a worker. He's toiled for years, poor guy! So, we've said to ourselves: "If Antonio resigns his job as a teacher .. he'll get a handsome settlement .. and with the money we can start a little factory right here. What d'you say? What do you mean a little factory? We'll make shoes. On our own! Do you understand? Well? Have you gone mad? If I resign, I'll lose my pension. Take your chance! Yes, sure! This way I'd lose my independence and play the consort husband worse than now! Say you fear losing that ty pay they give you at school! Isn't it true? Ada! Since you've started working in the factory, one'd say you're a real worker! You've become a man! And you you're worse than a woman! Ada, can I have a kiss? Stop with me! I'm up at six.

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