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Saturday, September 30, 2017

BBC Radio 1

Online BBC Radio 1, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio.. Add to your site I work the whole day. Damn ! If you don't know how to retain your wife's respect, it's difficult to obtain from here whatever else. I didn't want Ada to be a worker. I was talking about dignity, but my humiliating salary, that wasn't offending me! I was ashamed of myself! And I decided to react, to fight, to rebel, to take myself control of the situation! So, here has come the moment to raise our voice to be heard by those .. that a misunderstanding without dignity prevented us from making it known to! Illustrious colleagues, we must insist with the competent ministry in Rome, that the decorum of those entrusted with turning today's boy into tomorrow's citizen is not tragically compromised by inadequate salaries! Bravo! Bravo! Colleagues! Colleagues! I propose sending to Rome on our behalf colleague Mombelli Antonio! Very good! Very good! My sincere thanks to all of you, illustrious colleagues, and I take the liberty of submitting to you the list of demands I intend to formulate. A) Entrance on the payroll with a instead of coefficient! Great! B) Motion! I believe the one speaking for us should be the most representative in all ways. To the point! Sure, to the point It's been said that the wife of the who is to represent us .. works in a shoe factory! I've got nothing else to say! Damn it! No, it's not true! I reject the accusation! Come on, Mombelli, at the Bugatti factory, finishing section! Well, and so what? So what? Is it a shame? Of course, the initiative died there and nobody went to Rome! The conditions in our salary group didn't better. Nor did my relationship with Ada! As a matter of fact, they both got worse! And I, to make a little more money, and feel being less of a burden, I accepted doing post school shifts with Nanini. Doing post school it's not hard work. In fact, it even is relaxing. It's about watching the children doing the homeworks given the morning. It's enough knowing how to impose a little authority .. and having a pair of sun gles. Teacher Mombelli? Sshhh be good kids! Stand up! These, we're confiscating them! It's a trick to catch the most undisciplined. I was faking it! What do you think? We'll see at personal remarks, Mombelli! We'll have to, mister principal! Stand up! Did you see? He caught him! Sshhh It was he! This will teach you to be a spy! Silence! Well? Well done! Great! Well done! Wonderful! Shut up! Hands on the desks! What happened? That bastard, Amiconi! In order to cause me problems he gives his pupils really absurd home works, and so turns me into the kids' laughing stock and discipline goes to the dogs! Take a look the kind of problems he gives them! You are behaving in an unspeakable manner! Your teacher isn't feeling well and can't follow your home works with his usual competence and calm! Shame on you! We'll do it together your exercise. You, teacher Nanini and I! Open your exercise books! Pick up your pens! Come on! Together, children! So! A housewife walks three streets to get to the market. One of meters. One of ,mm, and another one of ,cm. She buys pay attention children dl of milk and g of apples.

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