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Monday, October 2, 2017

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Online Radio X 104.9 FM internet UK free Radios ming here. .and I came across this article. Frankly, it was just ridiculous. What was the article? The "New York Times" interviewed this guy, a forensic psychologist. .who worked on the Ted Bundy case. And this guy, Joe Blow, .don't know from Adam, never seen in my whole entire life. .don't know from Adam, never seen in my whole entire life. .was going on and on about the similarities. .between Ted Bundy and myself. Ah, I can see how that comparison would be troubling, but. Well, there is no comparison. I mean, how can you compare me to someone. .who decapitated women and kept their heads as mementos? I mean, that's the behavior of a truly, truly evil human being. I mean, what comparison is there, ever, possibly in that? And yet the "New York Times," .the newspaper of record, .all the news that's fit to print. .never had anyone say this is a preposterous piece of writing, .especially for the business section. Well, why do you think they made that comparison? You know, when I turned myself in. Your sons turned you in. No, no, but I turned myself in. It was a matter of a few days, so I was gonna do it. So anyway, when I turned myself in. (SIGHS) .it was the height of the whole anti-Wall Street hysteria. .and they needed a villain, they needed a face. .for the whole mess they created. That face became me, so that's. I don't know, I just. I don't even wanna think about it. Think about what? Well, he killed people, innocent people. And in my case, I told people, everyone, "Don't put more than half your money with me." "You never know. Who the hell knows?" "I mean, one day, I could just go crazy." But the reality is people are greedy. Hmm, the reality is that not even your warning was true. .and you took their money anyway. Let me ask you a question. Mr. Fuller, I don't want you to get your hopes up. He's gonna tell you the same stuff I've been telling you. I just. I want you to hear it from somebody else. You wanna get a coffee? You know, so we can strategize. I have court. Friday at noon. Friday. Noon. I'll see you Friday.

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