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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Stray FM

Online Stray FM Radio internet UK free Radios The contractor's clearly negligent. Yes! You see? But your previous settlement precludes a tort claim. Employees are required to have insurance, so workers' injuries can be covered. But as soon as you take that first money, you've settled. And you give up your right to sue. That money didn't cover the month's mortgage. When you accepted what they offered, you cleared them of any further penalties. So? So, I'm afraid you have no tort claim. You can't sue. Okay. Okay? Thank you. Laura. Eight months of telling him, but now it's okay. Hey. I was expecting your voicemail. You got me. I thought you had a meeting. I do. I did. It's a thing done. The lawyer said, "You have no case," and my client said, "Okay." Just like that? Just like that. He repeated the same things I've been saying for the last eight months. It'd be so lovely to think that if I were a man, I could explain the law and people would listen and say, "Okay." That would be so restful. So, what were you gonna tell my voicemail? Well. Well, it's just my situation, being what it is. I just think maybe. I may not have long here. Thank you for your generous, loving attitude! I just think maybe I got my hands full. I'm riding with you. Look, I've gotta go. Do you want something to eat? No one understands what my life has become. What a total miserable thing my life has become. No one understands one thing! Wish my wife would roll over on the highway. Oh, my God, I swear, I will leave you right here. The only thing left to do is get a machine gun and kill everyone. No. No, you're gonna have to get out. All right. I. Out. No. You can't say those things to me. I'll. Not another word. I'll. You can't talk like that. Never mind. I'll be quiet. Okay. I'm a lawyer. This type of ware is generally referred to as China painting. Now in the late th century and into the early part of the th century, ladies of fashion would get together at China painting parties and paint these plates or blanks. Yes. So all of these blanks have a mark on the back of them. We won't turn them around.

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