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Friday, October 6, 2017

Capital FM UK

Online Capital FM UK Radio internet UK free Radios But they all say "Limoges." There were also German and Austrian makers that made the blanks that would be imported to the States. , Dispatch. Go ahead. Hey, listen, Will, I don't wanna press ya. I want you to take your time, but could you just give me a sign that Big Man is doing all right? Hey, Will, good news. Your lawyer's here. Well, thanks for coming down. Yeah. Got Fuller on the phone. Well, we had him on the phone. He seemed calm. He's holding the night watchman. Wait, that's the one they call "Big Man." Yeah. Football player. How'd Fuller take him down? No idea. Wells, this is Mac, our resident hostage specialist. Hi. Hi. So, he's got Big Man up here on the rd floor. Back here's where they keep the dead files. Yeah, that's where they keep the dead files. And got this little sketch to help you find your way in. So. Turn around. Really? Yeah. Little precaution. Just need you to take off your coat, please. Okay. All right, arms out. There ya go. I remember you. You wrote a report for a child custody case of mine. "Defendant instructed me to consume feces." Hey, is this an insane thing to be doing? You're doing that. Here, Tommy. Okay. Yeah? Okay, I want you to take this. Yeah? Take it in with you. I'll call it. Okay. You pick it up, so that we know you're okay. You don't pick up, we're wondering. You know, you don't have to go in there. There's other ways to go about this. No. We got this handled. We don't need any big production. Right, Wells? Well, I'm here. So. Okay, well, just keep him engaged in the conversation, just try to be compassionate, let him feel like he's being heard. It's important that he sees you as being his advocate. And there's nothing wrong with throwing blame on someone else. You know, blame the system. Make him feel like you're on his side. You got that, Wells? Keep him talking. Here we go. This. Okay. Don't sweat it. You'll be great. Just right in there. Center door. Okay. Fuller? It's me. I'm here to find your file. Should I come to you or go get the file? Go get the file. Is Big Man okay?

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