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Sunday, October 8, 2017

100% Dragon Hits

Online 100% Dragon Hits Radio internet UK free Radios It's Amituana. Did you know he's a member of the Samoan royal family? No, I didn't. So does that make him a prince? Sort of. If people die, I'll be king. How likely is that? Not very. Okay. I've got the file. Should I come? We're in the third cubicle from the door. Sorry to get ya out of bed. Sit down. Hey. I'm Laura Wells. Amituana. Hey. Read me the file. Not the stuff I said, just the stuff they said about me. I wanna hear all the letters. That would take all night. It's like. So start. "Dear Sir/Madam, enclosed herewith please find a copy "of the investigative report pertaining to case file number "-. "As you will see, at Section , I have made a finding that the employer, "John Grant Incorporated, was negligent in failing to properly secure "the trusses and other supporting structures at the job site, "and that such negligence was a contributing factor in causing the accident "involving William Fuller, which occurred at " East Meadowlark Lane, Livingston, Montana. "In accordance with Montana General Obligation Law D "and pertinent federal regulations, an employer's ordinary negligence "will not sustain an independent cause of action in tort. "Rather, any such claim must be brought pursuant to the Worker's." Leave it. Sorry, Chief, she's not picking up. Let me call in some backup. It'll be all right. Tommy, give 'em another try. You know, I really think that's a mistake, sir. ".failure to make a finding with respect to the issue of "Mr. Fuller's own contributory negligence. As you are aware, "at least one worker alleges he smelled alcohol on Mr. Fuller's breath "as he lay on the ground after the fall." "From: Adele Harris, Legal Assistant. Regarding: William Fuller. "Mr. Fuller called today and asked me to give him JG Grant's home address. "He said I should let JG, and the whole crew of mini-JGs, know "that he'll be coming down there to break skulls like his was broken." "September th, . "Mr. Fuller called again today. "When I informed him that you were not available to speak with him, "Mr. Fuller started yelling and cursing at me and called me

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