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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Absolute 80s

Online Absolute 80s Radio internet UK free Radios a ." I've watched him work. Man, you should see the intricate things he did in my study. You can't tell where the old wood ends and the new wood begins. Before he fell on his head. "Please be reminded that I did, in fact, meet with you "on three separate occasions in order to explain the terms of the settlement "prior to your signing the stipulation setting forth terms of the same." Go on. Some of this is dictated. I'm sorry. I'm not good at dictating letters. Just keep going. "And accordingly, no additional cause of action lies. "This remains the case, despite the neurologist's report "citing your lingering double vision, memory loss, and fainting spells. "Please accept my wishes for a speedy recovery. "Truly yours, Laura Wells." You got screwed. Thank you. What can I do now? Tell me. Now, what can I do? Give yourself up. No! God damn it, I'm serious here. I'm talking about the case. I don't think you can do anything. Go to physical therapy. Be nice to your wife. I'm letting Amituana go. Okay. All right. If you get to be King of Samoa and I show up there, you'll have a job for me, right? You'll remember I got screwed and I let you go. Sure. Okay. Why don't ya take the stairs and you go on outside? And tell them if they try anything, I'll kill the woman. She's my lawyer. I got reason to kill her. You tell 'em that. You can still help me. Yeah, if you turn yourself in, we can gin up a mental defense and get you a good lawyer. No. I'll slip out the back where they don't expect me. You go out the front to the parking lot where you came in and keep 'em busy. Stand in the door and pretend I've got the gun on you, and relay messages to the cops like I'm hiding there. Tell 'em I want a car, and I want $,, and I want an hour's head start. Afterwards they'll never know I wasn't there with a gun. Just give me a chance to get out the back and get away. But don't you think there's cops out back, too? No, no, they all stayed out front where I told 'em I'd come out. Will you do it? Okay. It'd be so much better for you if you turn yourself in.

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