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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Absolute Radio

Online Absolute Radio Radio internet UK free Radios We're coming out. Let's go. Okay. Okay. Now, you wait a minute before you go out. All right? Okay? Okay. He's in back. He's unarmed. You did good. Hi. What's so funny? Nothin'. How'd you sleep? Fine. Did you hear those coyotes howling? I was sleeping. How was your run? Fine. What were you two laughing about? Nothing. I was showing her my poses. This is the crab. We call it the crab. Well, she thought it was funny. You hear those coyotes last night? Crazy. Yeah. I wonder what they got. I don't know. I'm gonna put this stuff in the car. Here. That's it. You got it? Yeah. Thanks for helping out. No one asked me. No one asked me to, either. I just kind of figured it out all by myself. Did you brush your teeth? Yeah. Really? 'Cause your toothbrush is in here, and there's a bottle of water. Mom. I said I brushed them. Okay. Because now would be a good time. Oh, God, why even bother asking me if you're never gonna believe me anyway? Now? The sandstone? Wait. What? You. One more stop. You said I wouldn't be out all day. You said I could have Sunday at home. I'm gonna grab the fence. You know, Guthrie, you might get a kick out of this. It's cut sandstone from pioneer days. Chiseled by pioneer hands. It was a schoolhouse once. Dad, like I care. Listen. Let's you and I make an effort to be nice to your mom today. Okay? Let's just cut her some slack. Why? Is she sick or something? No, she isn't sick. Just be nice to her. Because? Because she works really hard. She does a lot for us. Because neither of us would do very well without her. God, Dad. You're building her a house. How much better can you be? So you'll ask Albert? You always know what to say to him. What's to know? I just mean, he trusts you. Guthrie. Guthrie. Guthrie. Come say hi to Albert. No. No way, Dad. Every time we come out here, you guys swear it won't take all weekend, but it always. I don't know why you indulge her. I was just talking to her. We did tell her that we weren't gonna keep her out here all day. God, you really can't help it. What? Making me the bad guy.

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