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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Absolute Radio 00s

Online Absolute Radio 00s internet UK free Radios Always. Whatever. I wonder how much more there might be buried here. I don't know. Let's let him know we're here. You ask. You'll help. We should've brought him something. Hello, Albert. Hi, Albert. You're back in town. Yes. Come in. Thank you. Nice and warm. Yeah. Please. Thank you. How are you? I fell last week. I was on the phone. But some people were here. And I banged my head. Is there anything that we can do to help? Do you need anything? No. Don't need anything. I cook up big soups. So I got stuff in the freezer. You still play guitar? I can play. We supposed to play somewhere? I don't think so. But it would sure be fun to hear you play. Well, yes. I've got milk and everything. When my friends came by, they brought milk. Your friends who were here when you fell? I was on the phone when I fell. I was alone. I'm sorry. I thought that. I thought you said that you had friends who were visiting. Some people were here. I wasn't stuck on my back like a turtle all night. Poor Albert. Can't find the date The Catfish are supposed to play. Just ask in town. Albert, so we were wondering about the sandstone in the front yard, and if you'd be willing to sell it to us. I mean, if you wanted to get rid of it, we'd take it off your hands. Have you talked to Kyle Yazzie lately? Is he gonna help you build your house? I think so. He's gonna let me use his backhoe, anyway. Well, you should dig up a garden while you got the backhoe. We're not really planting a garden. Just desert plants that we won't have to water too much. Russian olives, very nice. They make good shade trees. It'll be tough to care for our garden, since we can't really move out here full-time, at least not until our daughter gets through high school. Kyle's a nice young man. Plays a good banjo. His kids have been out to play on our land. I guess I trust him, all right. Can't always see the numbers. Well, I guess I'll give you that sandstone. We'd wanna pay you for it. It was the old schoolhouse, you know? From when the town was settled. They cut it from the massive sandstone

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