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Monday, October 16, 2017

Absolute Radio 60s

Online Absolute Radio 60s internet UK free Radios 'round here. They built that schoolhouse before they built the church. Always thought the schoolhouse must've been prettier than the church. I never thought it was a pretty church. We want native stone to build with. Railroad ties, things that fit in. We thought before we cut new stone, we would look and see if we could find some that was already in blocks. My brother and I, he's dead now, when we bought this property in ', that stone was there. We built this house that year. Had it built. Still have things to finish. Like that back porch. . Probably not gonna finish it. Okay. Yes, I'll give you that sandstone. You don't have to sell it if you don't want to. It's just that Gina wants this new house to be authentic. When do you need it? Well, as it happens, Ryan's brother has a flatbed truck that we could use the week after next. So we just have to hire some help, or find some help. Okay. Tentatively, you can have it. I wanna think a little more. Okay, well, if you change your mind, no problem. Okay. Here. Let me get that door. Thank you. We can call you in a couple days? We'll leave you our numbers, too. Whatever's best for you. You know, it's a lot of rock. Look, quail. Yeah. I hear them all the time. Their call is. Is like. It goes. Sounds like, "How are you? How are you?" Then the answer, it goes. "I'm just fine. I'm just fine." Yeah. There's not gonna be enough for a whole house, but a wall, maybe. We could plant some trees where the rock pile is. Ryan'd help you. Honey, give him our card, so that he has our numbers. All of those numbers will work. Your wife works for you. That's funny. No, she's the boss, actually. You'll come out to our place when the weather gets warmer. And no more falling down. I don't plan to. And if you wanna sell, think of a good price. I don't know how much rock costs. I'm starving. God, you really weren't helping me at all. I was helping. I was in there. What, by repeatedly telling him that he didn't have to sell to us? I just wanted to give him some wiggle room. It almost didn't feel worth it.

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