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Friday, October 20, 2017

Absolute Radio 90s

Online Başlık Radio internet UK free Radios It takes me four hours to get here. It's gonna take me four hours to get back. I have to work in the morning. Did you tell me how you ended up in this class? I just saw people going in. Did I make a fool of myself? No. It was interesting. I never knew a student had any rights. You gonna come back? When's it next? Thursday. Every Tuesday and Thursday for nine weeks. Well, I'm not signed up or anything. They're not gonna check. I don't even know school law. I'm gonna have to learn enough to teach it every time. Here ya go. Thank you. Sure you don't want anything? Where do you work? Out on the Hadden Ranch. Caring for the horses. It's just a winter job. You want the other half? No. I'd show you, if you could stay longer. Show me what? The ranch. The horses. I have to get back. I have to work in the morning. Sure. It's already a quarter to :. I have to go. Come on, Flynn. Hey, Flynn. Come. Okay. Key Supreme Court decisions affecting school law. In the Supreme Court case from , students in Ohio were expelled for wearing arm bands as a form of protest against the Vietnam War. The court said that was unconstitutional, for it violated their due process and their freedom of speech. That was the Tinker v. Des Moines case. Is there a law that says teacher's pay has to keep up with cost of living increases? I'm not a labor organizer, but you should take that to your union. Can teachers get reserved parking spaces for faculty only included in their. You going to the diner? Do you happen to know anyone in town that could teach this class? I don't know anyone at all. How'd you break your arm? It's just my wrist. Riding an unbroken horse. Breaking horses? Is that part of your job? No. Just back home with my brothers. Yeah, when we were kids, my brothers and I, we'd sneak out and jump on any ol' horse we could find. No saddle, no halter. Just bring a piece of twine, that was it. Once broke my tailbone. Was too afraid to tell my mother for two weeks. Had to sit on the edge of my chair in class. It was awful. And I was so afraid I'd get outta law school and be selling shoes.

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