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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Amazing Radio

Online Amazing Radio internet UK free Radios Hello. Sorry. Okay. Can I give you a ride to the diner? Not in the truck. Just. Just wait here. Really? I mean, it's been a while. Don't think about it. Cook wants to know if that's your horse out back. It is. Can he give it some water? Sure. Thank you. Truck break down? Nope. Truck's all right. Here, have some fries. Why were you afraid of selling shoes? Have you ever sold shoes? I mean, why were you afraid you couldn't get anything else? I don't know. Because my mom works in a school cafeteria, my sister in a hospital laundry. So, selling shoes is the nicest job a girl from my family's supposed to get. It all worked out. See, I'm a lawyer with a wonderful job driving all the way to Belfry every minutes until I lose my mind. It's :. I'm not gonna be home until :. And there's roaming cows in the road, black ice just outside of Edgar. If I get through that, there's a roadblock just outside of Livingston. Then I get to sleep for five hours, take a shower, go to work at :, do a bunch of crap nobody else wants to do and learn some more school law tomorrow night. Leave work early the next day, and drive all the way back here, with my eyes twitching. It was nice of you to bring the horse. Will you take me back to my car? Thank you. Thanks. Have a good night. Flynn! Apparently, Miss Travis found the drive from Livingston too arduous, so I'll take over the class for the rest of the term. I practice law here in town and, as some of you know and the rest of you will find out soon enough, I am recently divorced. The type of place to be open at. What you're hearing now to some ears, may be hitting those ears as irresponsible. Excuse me. I wonder if you happen to know a lawyer named Elizabeth Travis? No. Hi, Denise, it's Patty Gardener. Do you know a lawyer in town named Elizabeth Travis? Sure. Denise knows everyone. She took a teaching job in Belgrade. Belfry. She's got another job here. We believe she has another job here in town. Hey. I drove over. Thought I was in the wrong place. You drove here? Feel sorry you stopped teaching the class.

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