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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Awesome Radio

Online Awesome Radio internet UK free Radios I looked forward to it. I was gonna tell you on Tuesday I asked for a replacement 'cause of the drive. That drive is pretty bad. Right. I don't mean to keep you from getting to work or anything. I just knew if I didn't start driving, I wasn't gonna see you again. Didn't want that. That's all. Okay. Well, I have to go feed now. Animals'll be wondering where I'm at. Hi. You must have some real pull, getting in here on a Sunday. I guess you've had lunch, but. You got a shake in there? Chocolate one and a vanilla one. Vanilla. There's a straw. Thank you. Thank you. It's good. So, how's it goin' in here? About what you'd expect. It's noisy. Lonely. No privacy. You know, my wife's gone. No, I didn't. After I stopped working and started getting crazy, she got a pen pal. A guy in prison in Wyoming. They wrote back and forth all year. Then he got furloughed, and she went to live with him. She sent me a letter. They're living on a farm, and they got cats, and she's never been so happy. Can you believe that? She mailed me the letter from another town, so I couldn't find her. Would you wanna find her? Yeah. No. I don't know. A guy in prison. I can't believe she found a guy in prison. I'm a guy in prison. What's wrong with me? What'd the guy do? She won't tell me. Probably an axe murderer. It's Wyoming. Did you get my letter? Yeah. You never wrote back to me. I meant to. I. I kept meaning to. Man, you wouldn't believe how good mail feels. Think I told you that. I just didn't know what to say. That's the thing, is you don't have to say anything special. Told you it's okay about what happened. You know, they would've got me anyway. I ed up. And I mean this. You could talk about anything. Talk about the weather. Talk about your day. Just so you put it in an envelope, and put it in the mail. Doesn't have to be a tome. Okay. Awesome. Stop working. Dad. Can you get me a beer? Just kidding. What? Aw, man. .if you don't have to drive, well, then don't drive. I made a mistake. I left the house and. Whatever. I go to the bank to cash this check, and I shouldn't have.

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