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Thursday, October 26, 2017

BBC Radio 1Xtra

Online BBC Radio 1Xtra internet UK free Radios I should've stayed at home. Instead of this one, that would've been fine. It's been. It's colder if you're up a little north. I'm even looking forward to the hangover. We'll need a psychiatric evaluation. If I asked you now, I bet you could remember what the caller said on Angela's phone. He said, "I thought you were dead." Nice. Wait, Robert. Robert, wait. How did you do that? He was mumbling. I didn't hear what he said. I didn't do anything. You heard him. All I did was wait till you felt good about yourself. [country music] Well done, Joe. Thanks, mate. [country music continues] Cheers, Joe. Good job. Now will you marry me? I'll sodding finish with you. Glad I didn't buy proper champagne. Come in. It's a stretch to think we can take this to court on the strength of a bangle. He had evidence hidden at his flat. He lied to us yesterday about seeing her. Let's keep this specific. Angela's mother says she thought Angela saw him. His mother admits he was obsessed with the girl. A witness saw them talking to each other. Days ago! It's how we have to do things now. I need a witness that saw them together hours before she went missing. That or a full confession. So we squeeze him until he gives it up. But you can't just let him back out there. Come on! Real. She didn't do that to herself. And Buliegh does have homemade tattoos of his own. We release, give you a chance to gather more evidence. We've all known you a long time, Joe. We know what's behind this. This is Marie Dinning all over again. Think you're the only one round here with a conscience? Stop being so hard on yourself. What's all this crap on my desk? Who are you? It's. It's a whole new world here, Dad. Are we gonna get some work done round here or what? Come on, Dad. Let's get you home, eh? Fix you up a bacon sandwich. It's good to see you, Lenny. Flake. Go on, Dad, get in the car. Chrissie's gonna come and stay at yours for a little bit. Why am I wearing old man's clothes? Come on, Dad. Let's get you a bacon sandwich. Is that who I am? Dad? Yeah, yeah.

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