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Saturday, October 28, 2017

BBC Radio nan Gàidheal

Online BBC Radio nan Gàidheal internet UK free Radios Yeah, you're Dad. Did you it up? No. It'll all get sorted. It'll all come right. Don't it up. They depend on us. You up, it should hurt. When it stops hurting, get out. Go and be a window cleaner. [Chrissie] Come on, Dad. See you at the party, Joe. # I wasn't smart and I lost my heart under Paris skies # Don't ever be a heartbroken stranger like me She likes you. Natalie. Lily's sister, well, half-sister. Excuse me. Can I get a red, please? Sure thing, Joe. Actually and a little Scotch as well. Yeah, no problem. She's really nice. Yes. But I'm retired. Go on. Go on. She's keen, I can tell. You'd almost be a Fairburn. I kind of like things the way they are. Go on. A honeymoon's a holiday. I like the idea of the honeymoon, just not the wedding. # And then I go and spoil it all # By saying something stupid like I love you # I can see it in your eyes # That you despise the same old lies you heard the night before # And though it's just a line to you # To me it's true and never seemed so right before # I practise every day to find some clever lines to say # To make the meaning come true All right, Dominic. All right, mate. Listen, mate. You know, it's difficult and I understand how we all have to be, you know, grown-up and. About. .young people and and whatnot. Well, thanks, Joe. Can't say I've ever had a father's permission before. I don't think I've ever needed it. Well, let me make my feelings clear. Joe. Leave it, Dave. Leave it. She's hardly past . Joe! I think we have an understanding. Get off me! I'll tell him I'm sorry. Get off! Dominic, I'm sorry! Miriam. You think you did that for her? You think that makes you some kind of great father? I'm going home. [man] He's not there any more either. Moved, retired. [Lenny] One crazy bastard I worked with used to hide up in cupboards, jump out in the middle of an interview, whack the ers with a stick. That made 'em talk. [man] Yeah, we'd all like to hear that tape played out in court, Lenny. We didn't about. We'd take the bastards out to the islands. They'd. They'd be begging to talk.

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