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Monday, October 30, 2017

BBC Radio Scotland MW

Online BBC Radio Scotland MW internet UK free Radios We'd drive them straight out there when the tide was out. They'd. They'd admit to shagging their own mothers. Well, you had it easier in your day, Dad. No! , no. We had this. Yeah, we know, Dad, we know. We had Sol Winters. Raped Marie Dinning. Marie Dinning, four times in her own kitchen. We had him. Then some wit ballsed up the evidence. We had to let him go. What happened? Went right out, killed poor Marie. Killed her. We all know the story, Dad. We've heard that story a thousand times. Everyone knows who's to blame. Did I say something? No. [Lenny] What? [Chrissie] It's OK, Dad. Go home, Joe, while you still can, eh? Yeah. [Chrissie] Shall we go home? [Lenny] I'm hungry. [Chrissie] Bacon sandwich? Bacon sandwich. Let's get a bacon sandwich. Look at him out here at night. It's a church, Joe. It's where he goes. We've seen him now. Let's go home, get Dad to bed. No, he's laughing at us. Are you smiling? Are you smiling? Are you smiling? Hmm? Come on. Oh, God. Guide me, Lord. Show me the way out of the darkness. Show me the light. Don't abandon me, Lord. I know that you are here with me. Oh, thank you, God. Thank you, thank you. Chrissie. Chrissie. Hey, where d'you think you're going, eh? Dig. [Chrissie] OK, here's how it works. You tell us you did it and we'll take you in. How can you? You can't prove I laid a finger on her. Dig! # The pipes, the pipes are calling # From ground to ground # And down the mountain side # All right. That's enough now. Lie down. Lie down! Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. You did it. Let me not be lost in this darkness. Say you did it. Let me see your light. You make your confession. Joe. Let me feel your presence. Come in tomorrow. And make your confession. Let me feel your presence. Say it. Joe. Say it. Let me feel your presence. Say it! Say it! Let me know you're there. Joe! Say it! Say it! Say it! I did it! I did it! I did it! I love her. She was sinful, but I love her. I love her! I love. Joe! [Buliegh] Enough! Leave it! Real. [yells] I love you. Right. This is what's gonna happen. We'll bury him out here and you'll go home and you'll put Dad to bed.

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