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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

2QN 1521 AM

Online 2QN 1521 AM Radio internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. A great big heart. A great big soul. ─ And a great big nose. Ah, c'est bon, sir. ─ Now then. Sit down. No, no. No, Alexander. No more work tonight. Come with me. A little spree, eh? What do you call a little spree? A little spree. Ah, your American girls. So .. ravissante. I know. I know Mrs Hamilton is charming, but she is away. She is away so long and you are lonely. Yes. I am lonely. ─ A little spree. You think I deserve it, eh? ─ We are all but human. A little spree will do you good. Come .. come. No, no, no. No? I cannot tempt you? ─ I'm afraid you might. That's why I say .. Goodnight. Merci. ─ Bonsoir. What's the matter, Zekial? ─ A little spree. I figured it ought to do you sort of good, sir. Zekial! Well, if I'd been working the same as you .. I reckon I'd like a little spree myself. You old reprobate! At your age? Well sir, that am the only thing that would prevent it. Get out! Go home and go to bed immediately. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. [ Door knocks ] What is it? Is this Mr Alexander Hamilton's house? Yes. What do you want? ─ I want to see him. Won't it do tomorrow? ─ Oh no, I must see him tonight. Well .. alright, wait a moment. Come in. Are you Alexander Hamilton? Yes. ─ Oh. It's very late isn't it. Were you just going to bed? I think I was. Oh, then I ought not to have disturbed you. It was mighty nice of you to let me in. What do you want? I want money. Money? Why have you come to me? Why, I'm an American. I thought it was the place of the Secretary of the Treasury to help me. But .. My father was in the commissary department during the war. Was he? Won't you sit down? Yes. Mr Lewis his name was. Well .. What do you want the money for? To run away. Run away? Yes. From my husband. Your husband? But you are very young. I am nearly thirty. I don't look it, do I. Oh .. he's been nothing to me for a long time but .. Tonight he came to my lodgings where I've been living and .. Struck me. So I thought if you could give me the money .. That tomorrow I would go to New York. And tonight? Oh, I can go back to my lodgings.

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