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Saturday, December 9, 2017

2MaxFM 91.3

Online 2MaxFM 91.3 Radio internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. I think I will not dance tonight, General. The President would have been here .. Alexander sent him away. The President did me the honor to agree with me. That the only way to put down the whiskey rebellion in Pennsylvania .. Was to send a strong armed force. And he knew that he was the only man to lead the troops. Except Alexander Hamilton. He has plenty of fighting to do in Philadelphia. For me, I am on the side of the whiskey rebellion. This is a free country. Why tax the whiskey? Mon dieu. It was that that started our revolution in France. Viscount, you don't drink whiskey in France. It isn't the whiskey, it's the mixing that caused the trouble. Mixing? What did they mix with it? Politics, ma'am. Hello, Mr Hamilton. Could I talk with you for a moment? What is it? Why? My name is Reynolds. I used to be employed in the Treasury. Oh yes, I remember. I want you to take me back again, Mr Hamilton. I have nothing to say to you. I see Roberts is here. ─ He's avoiding us. He evidently resents our supporting Hamilton. Roberts resents everything except Roberts. I must admit. Our going over to the Assumption Bill was awkward. Our change of front will be difficult to explain to the people. Tom Jefferson, you can explain away anything. Give you a pen and ink, there isn't your equal for that in the universe. Dear, can't we slip away? I don't want all these people. I want you. Well, as this is given in your honor. I'm afraid we can't slip away. We might make a grand exit. We'll appeal to our hostess. Oh Mrs Hamilton, do tell us about your adventures. Going all the way to England. We're going to steal her from you, Mr Hamilton. Well, what do you want to know? Tell us about your journey. They say that our fast sailing ships are wonderful. You just get on the boat in Philadelphia and whizz, in weeks you're in London. You'd better listen to me, Mr Hamilton. What is it you want? That's rather private. This is a strange place to choose for a private conversation. Maybe it is a strange matter I have to talk about. There is a quiet corner.

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