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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Online 2EAR FM Radio internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. I was not alluding to you, Senator Roberts. Everybody knows that you would never be guilty of a breach of faith. Unless it were made absolutely worth your while. That remark was uncalled for, sir. True. Tell me Senator, what have you called for? We have called, Mr Hamilton on business of a private character. Mr Jefferson, sir. You must excuse me Mr Hamilton, but .. I received a note from Senator Monroe. Asking me to meet him here at this hour. I trust I do not intrude. I told Mr Jefferson the business was urgent. Otherwise, I should not have taken the liberty. Gentlemen, pray be seated. Oh. We have recently been annoyed by the receipt .. Of anonymous letters. Threatening exposure of some scandal concerning the Secretary of the Treasury. We have traced these letters to a man named .. Reynolds. Oh yes. James Reynolds. You know him? Yes. This man has placed in my hands certain papers. Which show that he has received from you considerable sums of money. What was that money paid for? May I be allowed to see the documents in question? There's no doubt you paid him the money. There seems to be no doubt about that. We are compelled to ask you why you paid. Who compelled you to do that? ─ Our sense of duty. Duty to whom? ─ To the country. To the people. It's not to do with the country or the people. This is my own private affair. We know why you paid him the money. Reynolds told us. ─ Oh, you know, do you? Then you haven't come for information. But merely for the love of sport. We've got Reynolds' sworn statement. That you paid him the money to buy State's certificates at a few cents on the dollar. While you hoodwink us into passing your Bill. Which would compel the government to pay you a hundred cents on the dollar. So. That's what he told you, did he? That's the reason for the whole thing. Senator Roberts, remember you've only Reynolds' word for this. Gentlemen, let's try to be frank with one another. You have come here today. Not because you believe me guilty of this accusation. But because you repent the bargain you made with me to vote for my Bill.

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