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Friday, December 29, 2017

Radio Mansfield 99.7FM

Online Radio Mansfield 99.7FM internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. I'm fine, I'm fine. Can you get up? Yeah, it's okay. Are you sure you're okay? I'm okay. You saved my life. You saved my life twice. I wasn't gonna come back for you. Why did you? Andrew? Andrew? Calia I'd heard stories about humanoid machines Cold to the touch, incapable of feeling. Designed with only one objective To befriend and betray us. I prayed I'd never meet one. Little did I know, I already had. What is that? What? Your chest! What is in your chest? Don't move! What are you? I don't know No, shut up! I don't want to hear it! You've been lying to me this whole time. You're unbelievably strong. You don't feel anything. But you can pretend to. I'm not pretending. You are the most dangerous thing that has ever existed. I'm leaving. No, calia, please! Wait! I do feel. I felt your arm wrapped around me each morning. I didn't want to say anything Because I didn't want you to stop. Look, I don't know what happened But I know what I feel is real. If you really do feel Then you have to let me go. It's time. Prepare to retrieve the subject. I know your face. No, you have not seen my face Although I'm certain You're convinced that you have seen my face. Who are you? What happened to me? And why can't I move? This is your brain, the brain we gave you Just like we gave you your new chest, your arms, your legs Just like we gave you your life For the lack of a better word. My life? What are you saying? I'm afraid that engaging in a philosophical discussion With a being such as yourself, would accomplish very little. Despite all of your inefficiencies You are quite a peculiar subject. You have such a strong emotional attachment to memories That don't belong to you. These are my memories. These are the memories of Andrew Davis. You are not Andrew Davis. Of course, you think you are, but you are not. Then who am I? That is not the most appropriate question to be asking. What am I? You are machine, the only one of your kind The beginning of something new. You have been with her long enough To have calculated Aurora's location.

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