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Monday, December 25, 2017

Seymour FM 103.9

Online Seymour FM 103.9 Radio internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. Calia nighttime was worst. Finding somewhere safe was hard. The machines didn't sleep. This is good. Okay, look for anything we can use something to keep warm. Parents used to drag me to church every week. Was it like a law or something? No. No, you were supposed to come as a sign of faith. I mean, you could say it was god's law That you had to show up, you know? But I'm not even too sure. Don't like laws they tend to not apply to whoever makes them. So, you don't believe in anything? There's not a lot left to believe in. What about the flowers at the lake? It's none of your business. Did you find anything? Maybe. Turn it off! Turn that off! Did you hear that? If I didn't know any better I'd say you want the machines to find us! I'm sorry, this is all kind of new to me. Well, you better get it together Or you are getting left behind. It won't happen again. I'll be more careful from now on, okay? What if it comes back for us? It won't. Safest place is usually where a carrier just scanned. That's just how machines work. You're not from here, are you? No, no, I'm not. Well, where are you from? One of those underground shelters? The caverns? Yeah, yeah, something like that. That actually explains a lot. Surface life's a little different, you know? It's kind of nice to have someone to talk to for a change. Calia I loved the morning It meant that you were alive And I was. Were you awake just now? No, why? What happened? Nothing. Nothing happened. Are you ready? Yeah. Okay, let's go. Calia legend says the man and his brother Who created the machines, sacrificed their lives So they could live forever inside of kronos. They could no longer feel the cold of the snow Or the warmth of the sun. They couldn't smell the wildflowers, or the rain. Wild berries had no flavor any more. This didn't sound much like living to me. I love their songs. They're so peaceful. It's a good thing that they're not after the wildlife. So, they're just after us? Yeah. But why? Haven't you heard the story of kronos? Kronos? That thing that should make the world a better place?

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