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Thursday, December 21, 2017


Online UGFM Radio internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication. Add to your site. Kronos represents the rejuvenation of life on this planet, for our future. Tonight, this night We enter a new age. Kronos this is kronos. Do not be afraid. Our once beautiful world is now infected. Change is necessary, if it is to survive. It may be the end of your life But it is the beginning of so much more. You were once one with what surrounded you. You have completed the final stage in your evolution By ushering in the new age. You created and destroyed for centuries Until finally your purpose was fulfilled. Elias, what have you done? Do not fear, brother. Do not fear what kronos has given us. Kronos, you activated it. Yes. We are killing off the species that created us. Human beings are the cancer that must be removed From the body of the earth. There will be no more violence, no more disorder, only peace. Get down. He is awake. So, who is our target? One of the last that remains. Calia I wasn't there when the world was destroyed. But I know someone who was. His name was Andrew, and he changed everything. This is the story of kronos And the end of all things. When kronos was activated It took it only a moment to understand the world. It understood what plagued our planet us. Eight billion people lost their lives, almost overnight. My ancestors identified as a planetary plague. Extinction, the only cure. Of the handful that escaped death, their descendants now Did little to disprove kronos' assertion That mankind's innate nature was one of evil. I knew there had to be more to us than this. There had to be others out there, others who were good. The challenge was finding them. They say there is one last stronghold in the north Which still stands, hidden from the machines Where survivors have fled. They call it Aurora. In Aurora, goodness was set to flourish. It was the stuff of dreams. But dreams were all that were left now. So what about the others? The others failed. So what's so special about him? Isn't it obvious? Independence. Correct. You've created an intelligence with a code that adapts.

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